How To Clean Piano Black Speaker Finish?

What do you use to clean your speakers Piano black finish?  I am using a slightly damp microfiber cloth.  So far, in 2 years, no scratches.  Is there an easier way to keep them clean?  I have used a very clean wool duster a couple of times but it doesn't help fingerprints like when I move them.  Anyone?
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Only arguments about audio cables and motor oil elicit such vitriol and heated debate as do auto-care products. SwissVax, Zymöl, P21S… name your poison. Every owner of a concours winner has a favorite. I actually use a different product or system based on the specific paint finish of the car. Show cars, especially old ones with six-figure restorations, rarely need anything but the finest polish because they rarely, if ever, get driven. Yes, we’re nuts.

Cars that do get driven need a helping hand with more thorough stages of detailing. And brand-new cars with fresh paint can benefit from recently developed plastic wrap like Xpel film that protects paint from elements and even self-heals minor scratches. Think grandma’s precious white sofas, swaddled in those nasty clear plastic covers. It’s frustrating to pay for Porsche PTS and wrap a perfect paint job in plastic, but rock chips, bird droppings and acid rain are worse than a little plastic orange peel on the surface.

What I marvel at is the deplorable way some audio enthusiasts treat their gear. I have seen so many expensive speakers and electronics abused with scratches, dents and all manner of careless damage, as if all that matters is whether or not they are operational. Hey, we have to look at this stuff!

Maybe it’s time to coat all those auto paint-finished speakers with plastic and call it a day.