Headphones for Digital Piano


I'm learning the Piano and am buying the Yamaha P80 Piano Keyboard for myself this Christmas. What I need is a good pair of Headphones to listen to myself while people are home and so I can play louder whenever I want to. Thanks for all the recommendations.
Hey Eric! I can't help much with the question at hand, I can say I am glad to see a post from you, I was wondering where you've been! I also recently picked up a yamaha(I got a P60 to learn on while I save for my bosendorfer) keyboard and am enjoying it an awful lot- good luck with learning piano, I know it is very frusturating at times!!!!!
Hi Eric, Dean and I have been wondering where you been hiding. Where is your virtual system 3.0? I second Eldragon's recommendation. But, I think the older MDR-V6 is better.
Hey Guys, It has been a while! Virtual System version 3.0 is coming in 1.5 years when I have a house and properly treated room to do justice to the equipment. To make a long story short, I moved from Canada to Europe September of this year. Started off in Lille, France (North) for 3 months and decided to spend some time in much warmer Valencia, Spain which is on the Med. Housing is much different here in Europe... They don't have huge living rooms like I had in Canada. The houses are also all very ancient and sound goes right through the walls.

When everything plays out I should end up dividing my time between Canada and Europe with the warmer months spent in Canada. I'm currently trying to find a multinational in The Netherlands to work for as it is the only place other than the UK where English is commonly spoken, especially in Business. I ended up selling the system to fund a Business so some day I could buy the system that I really want :) You could say that me and my situation have evolved, and so have my priorities. Everything here is so different and it has had a profound effect on what I chose to do with my time. Learning an instrument is what I really want to do next in my life. Hopefully the P80 gives me what I'm looking for. I'll try to drop in more often, Take care, Eric
Hey Eric,

After you arrive in Netherland, go check out BD-Design.com. Those speakers look damn cool. Oops, you're not into hifi at the moment = D.

Good luck with the piano, your professional ventures, and your luck with european women. And, try to catch up with version 3.0. I am on like version 57 already.