How to best load my Benz wood L2

While the sound is great, I cannot help but feel that my vinyl is not properly loaded down.
I am using a Benz L2 cartridge, Anthem Pre1P phono, Sonic Frontiers 2 Preamp, and Fidelity Research FRT3 Transformer.
The Pre1P has gain of 48db, and is currently set at input impedance of 47k/100pF, output of 520 ohms, with a reccomended load of 50K-100K/100pF. I can easily solder in different capacitors and resistors to load to whatever I choose. if you click here, you will see the Pre1P manual with instructions etc on loading...
My FRT3 has three settings: bypass (no gain, no nothing), 10 and 30 ohms. The cartridge suggests load of 100-47,000 ohms, and has an internal impedance of 12ohms. All through a Classe 15 Amp and Martin Logan Questz speakers. Any help truly apprecciated.
I was very happy with my L2 using a 1:10 SUT into 47K. This works out to an effective load of 470 ohms seen by the cartridge.
I would load it down to 100 and max to 47. That way you can hear what the difference is between both settings. This always worked for me and allowed me to get the best settings. IME most of the Benz Wood series prefer a capacitance setting closer to 47K.