How to Add a Sub on a 2 Channel System?

I have a tube integrated amplfier without a subwoofer output. I can have my amp have a sub output factory installed, but is may not be worth the effort and costs. What is the simplest most cost efficient way to integrate a sub with my Totem speakers? Also need recommendations on a very musical sub.
If you are using a self-powered sub, you could send the signal to it by using a high quality Y adapters (male to two females). Even something like a $22 pair of Monster Cable Y Adaptor’s would work very well.
REL powered subs recommend using the high level input for music. There is a cable supplied with the sub that connects to the speaker binding posts on your amp.
I agree with the speaker level connections. I have pre-out/main-in rca jacks on my Brston B60 integrated and originally had the sub hooked up using these. After switching to the speaker level inputs on my Velodyne sub connected to the speaker jacks on the back of the B60 I felt that the sound had improved substantially. I believe that this was due to the fact that the signal was now routed only through the bryston for the mains rather than through the Velodyne and back. I think that the inferior electronics in the Velodyne (compared with the Bryston) muddied up the sound. Just my xperience & opinion.

REL and Vandersteen both connect at the speaker binding posts so you wouldn't need to modify your pre amp. If you are going to only use one sub go with the REL, I have owned both and would only use the Vandersteens if you can afford two.
Agaffer, Could you say more about why you think one REL works better than one Vandersteen? I'm interested in both these subs. Thanks.
I'm using maggie 3.6's biwired with monoblocks, what is the best way to add a sub in this configuration?
Also, is it best to leave the speakers running full range?
Do I need an active x-over with this setup, or can a sub be added keeping my existing maggie x-overs?


Rooze, I think it depends on the design of your amps, but REL recommends two subs with most bridged mono setups connected from the speaker terminals on the amp to the high level inputs on the sub, one sub on each amp. I'm assuming you have one amp on each speaker now. In that case, no need for a separate active XO and it would not go through the maggie xo either. You would still send the full range signal to the speakers and the subs would be set to fill in the lower frequencies where the mains roll off.

You may need to contact the amp manufacturer to get their recommendations, or someone here may know if you provide more specific information.
Thanks Eagle, the amps are Cary V12i Mono's. Using two subs, would I basically run each sub in mono, just taking another speaker cable from each amp to the single sub?....The cary's have taps for 4 and 8 ohm, I'm using the 8 ohm tap as it sounds better. Could I feed a single sub off the 4 ohm tap or is it better to keep it on the 8 ohm?
I also use a ARC LS15 that has another set of balanced outputs available and also a set of unbalanced. Would it be sonically acceptable to drive a single sub direct from the preamp?...Cost is becoming an issue, so one sub then a second in a couple months would be better provided that I don't upset the balance with only using one sub.
The REL sub I have is the Stadium III. It came with a high level, 30' cable that has three wires and a Neutrik Speakon connector for the sub. With my single amp, I connect a wire to each channel on the + terminals and the remaining wire to the right channel - terminal. The Speakon connector goes to the high level unbalanced input on the sub. With bridged monos, the REL manual says to connect one sub to each amp on the + & - terminals and the third to the amp ground. The Speakon connects to the high level balanced input on each sub. That would help keep the cost down.

You should ask Sumiko , the REL US distributor, for suggestions on running a single sub with mono amps.
You do have the option of using the line inputs on a single sub, but REL stresses the benefits of the high level connections so I would try to do that first.

Some people use two Strata subs and report excellent results.
Thanks again Eagle
I am not a huge REL fan, although I believe they make wonderful equipment. With your current set up, and quest for a "musical" sub, the Vandersteen 2wq is the only way to go. Since it costs much less than a REL, and since you have such wonderful speakers, 2 would sound fantastic is the room if large enough.