How tall are Daruma isolators?

Thinking of using these but don't know if they will clear the feet of my CDP. I need about 1 3/8" clearance. Will they work? Can't seem to find the information on the web. I think the aurios 1.2 will work, just!
Can't you remove the feet from your player?
I just measured my Daruma IIIs I think they might be about an eighth-of-an-inch too tall for your installation. Give or take a hair, they are about 1 1/2" tall.
We are a Final labs Dealer and they are 1 1/4" tall by 1 1/2" in diameter.
As a side note...most of our customers remove the feet. It makes them look even cooler.
Never thought of removing the feet. They are pretty heavy duty. (Copland cda-289)
1 1/2" would work fine but 1 1/4" isn't tall enough unless I remove the feet.
Thanks for the responses.
I wouldn't remove the feet of CDP, too much trouble and may be more complicated task than you think. If you want to use Daruma's just put some type of "spacer" pad under them till they are high enough to fully clear CDP feet.
There are all kinds of cheap material you can use for spacer pad, one is black ceramic tiles for bathroom at local home improvement center.

Better but more expensive device is Aurios 1.2 with top bearing, gives you 1.5+ inches of clearance depending what size bearing you use on top.
Right you are. I just remeasured at 1 1/4". Great product by the way...
Also if you prefer to use wood riser/spacer pads in local home improvement center go to wood molding section you will find hardwood trim boards 3 x 1/4 and 3 x 1/2 dimensions that you can easily cut into 3 x 3 pads.
Since you are running into some size/feet issues, have you condsidered the Gingko Audio Cloud 10 Vibration Control Platform? It is 14" x 18" with 4 balls and uses Gingko Audio's Platformula Technology. We have had great results with this new product and you would not have to consider removing the feet or shimming your CDP.
I figure spacers may require more "tuning". What a long slippery slope this all is. Dan; I have never heard of the Gingko stuff but will look into it. Thanks all!