Subwoofer vibration foot isolators????

I have a SVS PB13 Ultra subwoofer(piano gloss black) and the feet are rather short(roughly 1/4-1/2 inch from floor). Can anyone suggest a vibration footer to raise the sub from floor(carpet) and be able to handle my 150 pound subwoofer to eliminate unwanted vibrations of the house. I tried different placements and the vibrations decreased by leaving about 2-3feet from the walls. I would like it raised off my carpet about another 1/2 to 1 inch more...I noticed 6 threaded feet on this beast....ALSO: basement room measures 18x23. Any suggestions!!!!!!!!
Great Gramma or similar Auralex platforms.

Auralex is great
I recommend you contact sound anchors to make you a custom stand. Not expensive, high quality and will exceed any footers you meet purchase. Send him the speakers dimensions and get an estimate.
Don't you want the sub coupled to the floor? Putting it on isolation feet will muddy the bass. It should shake the house, not the other way around. For that matter, with carpet I would consider spikes and sand bags on top. Yes, keep it away from the walls a little. Just my 2 cents...
If you want it to shake the house, it should do so, when appropriate, via the acoustical output, not via physical transmission from the sub enclosure to the floor.

OTOH, I do not want the sounds of my room or its contents contributing to the sound of the performance. Thus, either way, isolation devices can help.

Auralex works really well for my Velodyne DD-15.
Are you wanting better bass definition and as a result more resolute midrange? Is your system in the basement, carpet over concrete? Tom
Kr4 got it right.

I have an SVS PC Ultra 13 that sits on a hearth that is three layers of flagstone. I thought that placement would be appropriate. But the room still shook. Not good.

Luckily I had a set of sorbothane pucks laying around to put under my beast and it was a major tweek to improve my bass. And I don't run hot at all.

Two "subdudes" would be a good start.
Mine went up on a 3 inch thick Michigan maple block with excellent results. The block is coupled to the floor with heavy brass cones while the sub is decoupled from the block with sorbothane pads. The bass is much cleaner with better resolution but I had to adjust the sub volume up a bit to match the bass level.
To Theaudiotweak:

Yes I do want better bass definition. The bass has alot of impact and headroom,at 20HZ/100db - 8.3% distortion it is very clean output. Thus can't understand the vibration issue. Yes my system is on carpet in a basement....My soundstage is very huge past the room but it should not rattle things so much. I figured the carpet ontop of the concrete would absorb a lot to not vibrate. This sub can hit your chest hard but with tightness from its 13incher. My bass in my processor is at zero(can max at +12) and at half on back dial.....Other suggestions will help & THX ALL!!!!!!!!

For my REL Britannia B1, I have custom-made (taller, more narrow width) Black Diamond Racing Pucks with the right threading to replace the stock (plastic feet). I then have the B1 on an Adona AV45AS amp stand. This puts the front-firing driver at a good height and also allows the port on the bottom of the sub room to breath. The bass is very clean, not muddy and (has been measured) goes all the way down to the lowest frequency possible with this sub. When deep bass notes occur, they are clean, fast, super-deep and have all the impact desired. There is no shortage of bass in the approach you are looking at; here when the bass impact is felt, it is via acoustical transmission, not physical output & interaction as Kr4 notes above. FWIW...
To Zephyr24069

It sounds good to me and your B1 build is like the SVS PB13Ultra being front firing & 3 ports underneath driver.....THX alot.....I might go your root.....Is there a paticular model B.D puck you have and exact height????? Would the Adona stand hold a 155lb sub???? LOL ..Let me know & THX


Right now on this site is a pair of Sistrum Sp101 adjustable platforms for sale. A Sistrum Sp 1 and APCD discs would work well also. I use SP101's under each of my James EMB subs and one each under my mono pair of amps. These are not isolation devices because there is no such thing as isolation. These platforms will allow for the collection of resonace to be redirected to the higher mass of the floor. The speed of bass will be much better with more detail and punch. Now that you can really hear your sub for the first time you will be able to better match the wave launch of your mains. This match will provide you with even better intergration into the mid bass and mid range make both more clear and resolute. Any speaker cabinet itself is a passive radiator. If this radiant resonant energy is not directed to ground away from the driver and the cabinet itself... it will self perpetuate. The speaker amp will amplify unneeded excess mud held and stored on so called isolation devices. I am a dealer..Tom
To theaudiotweak:

Do the APCD discs(3) go under the Sistrum Stand???? Will that be optimal improvement? What can be placed under my sub or ontop of the Sistrum stand to protect from scratches or scuffs???? My sub is the piano gloss black.


You put the APCD discs on the top points those that will engage the bottom of your sub. For maximum grip and launch I elected not to use the discs on my subs, also piano black. I don't look at their bottoms. My subs bottoms that is. Tom
The Adona stand would easily hold a 155lb subwoofer as it is made for large loads like huge mono-blocks, etc....You would utilize the Adona spikes to solidly connect the stand to the carpeted floor.

I have a taller version of the BDR Max puck (2.5" wide by 1.5" tall is standard size). You may also wish to consider the Jumbo Pucks (3.5" wide x 1.5" tall). I had the BDR Super Max pucks made with a taller profile and the right taps for the bottom bolt holes of my sub along with other tweaks of their base design. If you don't go this route, you should check to see whether you need one of various BDR adapter bolts to get from the bottom of your sub to the pucks.

(see MusicDirect site for best visuals on all BDR products.)

See for details

Write me on email if you want more specifics.
Bacardi, I would recommend the Sistrum product. I use them and many others also do and they really work well. I have them under my MBL 101E's and also mono block amps.

Every person whom I know who has tried has been absolutely left in awe with positive results, check out their site and unlimited Reviews and Testimonials.

Here's another review to check out, actually very good.

The set for sale right now on Gon. is a steal of a deal.
I just got a PB13-Ultra and placed it on a new Great Gramma. Fits nice! It can hold up to 300 lbs.
I got my Velodyne DD18 on 3 A.R.T Q dampers. It cleared up the bass a lot. Not so expensive!
Any one use Subdudes with the JL Audio Fathom 113s? JL claims their feet preclude the need for any acoustic isolation. I'm also interested in the ASC subwoofer products (I forget their name!),but they recieved great reviews in Stereophile. My subs are in a music system only, in the basement, on carpet. If you raise your subs off of the ground, but keep them in exactly the same place, will you need to run the setup software again to optimze the sub placement?
The feet of the sub is not vibrating your house.
The sound comes out the driver, goes everywhere in the room (duh...) and that's what is vibrating your house.
Any even reasonably well made sub will not have a cabinet nor "feet" that "vibrate".