How should I plug my headphone amplifier ?

I just bought a Musical Fidelity X-Can V3. When I tried using the tape out of my Ayre K-5Xe preamplifier to the line in of my headphone amp, I get a very distorted sound with a lot of noise coming from the headphone amplifier.

I tried the headphone amp directly connected to my CD player and it worked fine. I do have to find a solution because this set-up does not work for me as I have more than one source.

Please help me on this one

If you need to know here is the rest of my gear:
Audio Refinement Tuner
Ayre CX7e CD player
Ayre K5Xe preamp
Ayre V5Xe amplifier
JM Lab Utopia Diva BE

Thank you,

Can my preamp tape output voltage be incompatible with the voltage of the headphone amp ?
This is a problem, isn't it? Unfortunately, (in my limited experience,) most pre amps/amps don't seem to come with a dedicated headphone out connector to which you could connect your headphone amp. And you probably don't want to buy a whole new amplifier just so you can use your headphones.

I used Vampire RCA splitters attached directly to my CD player outputs - - so that I could listen either via my headphone amp/headphones or through my stereo system speakers. One set of interconects from the splitter on the CD player goes to my headphone amp, the other to my receiver/amp. Some people feel this just adds noise to the signal path; it would seem that my ears aren't sophisticated enough to hear this, so it works for me. I haven't tried a similar set up with my turntable, but would imagine that Vampires on the phono stage would work just as well.

You could do the same with all of your sources, buy two (or more) sets of Vampires, but this would still mean switching the headphone amp interconnects from source to source. I wish I could find a better solution, too, but this is all I have come up with.

If no one here gives you better suggestions, you might want to post a thread on headfi to see how other headphone users have solved this problem.

That should work (using tape outputs). I would check with Ayre, because you should get a line level signal from the tape outputs, just like you would gete from your CDP.