How much time do u spend listening.

A friend recently remarked that he sometimes goes two weeks without listineng to music from his sound system.Unless Iam away I listen to music every day for about 2 hours in the early evening and some days considerably more, on most weekends my system is turned on in the morning and left on most of the day to about 11pm.While I dont play music all that time its ready whenever I get the urge and can sit and lsten, occasionly my system will be used to provide background music but only when guests are present.Iam interested to hear how much time some of you spend actually sitting and listening to the music, or has this subject been covered before.
At least 2 hours a day during the week and as much as possible on the weekend. I can't remember the last time I didn't listen at least for a little bit during the day. This reminds me, I need to go buy some more music and get off this p.c. Good listening.
About two hrs a weekday, as much as possible on W/E. My system is on all the time (except when I'm away on a trip).
I find that I *NEED* the music, as an essential ingredient of survival. Off to join No money in his music buying spree.
This makes no sense at all...-2,-2, for my posts??? Am I not listening enough for you? Maybe I am listening too much? Should I stay on the P.C. longer and not buy music? PLEASE let me know what to do, I would hate to offend you any further, I might not be able to sleep tonight.
We used to listen 3-4 hours per evening (Dinner through bedtime), but now that we have a new baby, I only get in about 1/2 hour/day if I am lucky. I hope this passes along with diapers and teething rings.
Love from a-far for the baby. Maybe a new audio/ or music-phile there? No money, there was a thread on rating a while back... I'm sure many a-goners are surprised at ratings they get. I know I am -- but then, I could be naive or get my wording wrong. Sorry to stray off the original subject.
Hi Ssomsit; yes this topic has been covered before, but I think it's one of those subjects that needs to be brought up every once in awhile. I listen 3-5 hours every evening, sometimes while doing light reading. What I find interesting is the many times that I have to put the reading material down and let myself just get drawn into the music. Cheers. Craig
Ssomit, I evened out this stupidity for you. 2-3 hours every evening, full concentration, sort of concert like, sometimes classical, sometimes jazz, or pop, as the mood takes me. Sundays its tweaking, testing and also about 2-3 hours of concentrated listening, concert stile, usually together with the significant other, who being female has the better ears and is full of good and useful advice. Cheers,
OOps sorry, I should have evened out no-money, which I did, but others had been at the good work already before me! Ssomit got also voted down, hence my mistake. I guess it was the same person. Why does he not speak up? I just have no patience with these people. There is freedom of opinion, why don't they share their views with us ?
Thanks guys, I hopefully A'gon will be able to do something about the lone negative voter before too long before it cuts in to our listening time any further.
How much time I spend listening does not matter, it is never enough. Regards, Doug