How much for a slab of vinyl and some fake linen?

I see on the Acoustic Sounds site that newly remastered versions of Norah Jones' five records are being offered for sale. They have apparently gotten the full audiophile treatment -- 200g vinyl, pressed at QRP, special jackets, etc. And they are, of course, priced accordingly: $35 each for the first four, and $45 for the most recent. (Prices rounded off.)
Now, here's why I'm writing this: Buying those five records individually would total $185. However, one could instead opt for a box set of those five records, plus a sixth record of cover versions, available only as a part of the box. The price for the set? A whopping $260. In other words, you can pay an extra $75 for the covers disc. Oh, wait, that's not all. You also get a box, described as follows:
"The box set will be wrapped in a textured paper that feels like linen."
Ah, yes, fake linen and a record of odds and sods for an additional $75. Woo-hoo!
I'm not talking about the artist here -- that's a subject for another post -- but about the label, the manufacturer.
Do they take us for idiots? Apparently, the answer is a resounding yes.
Big money, but I would pay it if it was an artist I really loved, and there was no alternative. I know that music is all about personal taste, but everytime I hear her sing, I find myself wondering why so many people consider her a great talent, let alone being worthy of special edition LPs. I have to believe that there are a lot of under-appreciated artists out there (we all know at least one) who are shaking their heads and wondering what they did wrong.
Answer: then do not buy it.
And yes, they DO think we are idiots..... Unfortunately that has nothing to do with pricing.
The reason for the higher price is limited production. Fewer copies mean more cost per copy.
Any sort of product has the same kind of limitations.
All it takes for someone to think we're a bunch of idiots is to read a few posts here!!!! :)