how much difference does a player make

I am looking at adding a cd player to my hometheater rather than using the dvd player. I was thinking of a denon changer that would allow me to play multiple discs if I have company over. Some people feel NAD makes a decent player but is only single disc.

Would I notice a difference in players without having a high end 2 channel set up?

Are the two players mentioned any good or comparable to each other.

Would I actually hear a difference?
I bought a used Anthem CD-1 for a second system (6-disc Sony stacked drive guts with Anthem tube output DAC boards and power supply.) I hooked it up to my main system and whoaaa this thing blew away my Audio Refinement CDP (cheap YBA) so bad it was not even funny.

Advantages: Supurb sound for a multi-disc changer, built like a tank, can play with tube output if desired, digital & analog outputs single ended & balanced. Resell it for no loss if you don't like it.

Disadvantage: No longer made, Takes a few seconds to turn on tube stage, Changer is cubmersom, Changer is mechanical and a bit noisy in operation, only plays CD and HDCD. You can't have mine.

These were 1595 new. I paid 650 on audiogon with upgraded tube.
NAD is an audiophile namebrand with a notorious reputation for quality control. Audible differences will be minimal at best, until the NAD breaks. At that point, the Denon wins hands down. Plus, if you want a changer, buy a changer.
Can make or break your system. Second most important piece (next to speakers)in the audio chain.
Have a friend bring over a high end player or get your audio store to let you have a demo. You will be stunned at the difference a good CD player can make.
Another option: Add a killer DAC for the two channel audio portion. Works for me.
"Would I actually hear a difference?"

It depends on your system. You need to let us know what the rest of the system is.

My guess is that if the HT setup cost much under $5000 then the difference will not be pronounced. If it cost under $2000 I doubt you'll hear any difference at all.

The reason I say this is I used to own a Mission Cyrus 2 amp and Cyrus speakers .... great stuff, but mid-level. It would be a $1000 amp and $500 speakers at today's prices. I couldn't hear any difference between a cheap Yamaha CD player and a Meridian 506.20 in that system. That same system could clearly resolve the difference between a $250 turntable and a $1000 turntable, indicating to me that the "source first" argument of hifi is not so applicable with digital playback.

Fast forward, and I now have a more transparent amp and speakers, but the difference between an inexpensive DVD player and a $1000 stand alone player is subtle. It may be worthwhile, but it definitely will not make your "jaw hit the floor" as some others would have you believe.
Agreed with MDhoover. . .used a high quality DAC for years with a variety of players and always experienced an improvement over the players' analog outputs. Still use one for my sony cd changer, iPod, and Airport wireless.
For background music through a home theater set-up most any changer will do. THe Denon is not built very well though. Their DVD players are but the CDP's are not. Cambridge Audio has an inexpensive music server that could serve as a great mid-fi source. Should fit in well with a home theater. Plus you could put together entertaining mixes.

Good luck!
it can make a huge difference. You have a very good idea in getting a D/A here. As far as Dennon quality the alpha processing units are good for 5-10 years and at $699 new were very hard to beat.
Rotel makes the best CD changers that won't break the bank now, as McIntosh and Essoteric are pricey.
Adding a good DAC to a multi-disc player like Rotel or Denon is a good idea too. Get the player first and then if you want better sound upgrade the DAC later. The downside is you will need another outlet, shelf space and digital cable for the DAC.