How long the most you have listened to music...

with no break(except when changing CDs or records?)

I've done it with 15 records. ...well one was 45rpm but the rest was 33rpm 12" with the average time of 38min.

The records were Can, Pat Metheny, King Crimson mostly.
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When I listen to my favorite music time seems to stand still so I really don't know. I have to shave sometimes after a long listening session if that's any indication. All analog though.
Without a break?
Maybe 8 hours or so?

We'll start at, say 9pm and sometimes go through until 5am.

Slink-e means: no time wasted looking for/changing cd's.

Since 1978......................
I routinely listen to music for 4-5 hours EVERY night, and have had 6-7 hour sessions-- of course that was with sweet, quiet, non-fatiguing digital;>). Cheers. Craig
A good sesion to me is about four to five hours. My longest has been around sixteen hours.
It has been well established, Mr. Marakanetz, that listening to all four sides of Can's 'Tago Mago', will transport you to a realm where time does not exist!
...I've realized that a long time ago and still have Can-dedicated listening sessions.
Ah yes...I have had a number of such Can-sessions my self. Playing 'Yoo Doo Right' at wall-shaking levels is still enough to frighten me. But a quick spin of 'Bel Air' should be able to serve as a tonic to bring me back to a quiet space. Now, if I could only figure a way to go BACK in time to see those guys live...Actually, Damo Suzuki is playing within a two hours ride of me (in Detroit) with his 'Damo Suzuki's Network' band in a few weeks, along with the very righteous Cul De Sac as an opening act. Should be a great show! You might want to watch for a gig in your neighborhood.Enjoy the sounds.
Hi's performing at Tonic Club New York on May 3 and I'll definitely be there...