How long does it take to break in coupling caps?


Just changed 4 coupling caps on Carry SLI-80 integrated amp.  How long normally does it take to break in those coupling caps.  Is sound really going to be better?

It was ClarityCap ESA to ClarityCap CMR.

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Hi Eddy,

I am a big fan of Clarity in speakers but haven’t used anything that fancy inside electronics, only in speakers. The ESA's are relatively darker than the CMR's.

My experience with speakers is that first 48-72 hours are the biggest change. I won’t say they get better, but the rep called it less "splashy" and I agree with that. They start almost overly sibilant, with exaggerated high-hat range.

Takes about a week of play for them to loose that "splashiness" and become perfectly neutral.


Been 10 hrs now and still long way to go.  Just like you said it is not as dark as ESA, less warm.  I like warmer sound so I am not sure if made a right decision.    

You'll hear improvement out to 200+ hours with CMR, though by 100 hours you'll be in a position to judge them.

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Dave, Thank you very much for you reply including many info regarding ClarityCap by PM.