Coupling caps in Cary SLP98, 0.22uF or 2.0uF ?

Does anybody know which are the values of the coupling caps in the Cary SLP98 preamps? I've read posts about this pre of some people that refer to the 0.22uF caps as the coupling caps, but others refer to the 2.0uF caps. There are both values of caps inside this pre, so I got confused.

Thanks for any input.

Firstly I am not familiar with the Cary’s circuit, but in the majority of pre’s I have dealt with there as always been more than one set of coupling caps. If your SLP has a phono, then I am almost 100% sure it will have at least 2 or 3 sets of coupling caps.

Coupling caps allows different gain stages of your amplifier to run different voltages. These coupling caps are often referred to as inter-stage coupling caps. These inter-stage coupling caps are frequently low value i.e. .22uF.

Bigger coupling caps are used to prevent your pre from putting out a DV signal, and is normally the last component before the + pin on your RCA. Most pre amps I have worked on have a 2.0 to 2.2 uF output coupling cap.

So to your question – they’re both coupling caps.

If you are thinking of upgrading them, I have found the biggest improvements when replacing the output coupling caps i.e. the 2.0uF, but you should really upgrade all of them.


thank you for the very informative response. I just opened the pre and found 2 Jensen copper/oil caps of 0.22uF/630V and 2 "Audio 1" caps of 2.0uF/600V. I have heard that the Jensens are good, so I was thinking about replacing only the Audio Ones and keeping the Jensens. Do you think it would be good to replace also the Jensens? Any cap recommendation for this application? I was thinking about Hovland caps as others have had good results with these, but there might be even better choices (???), I don't know.

Thanks again. Jov

Just like so many other things, choice of capacitor depends on taste.

The Jenson silver foil caps are good, but IMHO opinion overpriced at $200 or so bucks for a single.22uF. I do not really care for their aluminum of copper foil range of caps. I suspect you’d have the copper foil caps.

I have not heard Audio One caps yet, but I am not really fond of Hovland caps.

A very good cap (to my ear) are Dynamicaps, their .22uF retails for about the same as the Hovland. If you have some money to throw at it, V-Caps are excellent. To my ear, the best caps out there, regardless of price.

But as I said, my opinions are subjective; you may prefer something else. I am sure more than one poster will disagree on my choice of caps.

The Audio One caps are the stock caps in that pre. When Cary upgrades the caps in that pre they use the Jenson so you already have the upgraded caps for that preamp. They only upgrade the .22uF by the way.

As for personal taste I have found that the Auricaps are a good match in Cary gear. I had them installed in my CAD-211 monoblocks at the time of purchase.

If you really want to play around try changing the tubes in that preamp. Many swear by Sylvania in the front sockets and Raytheon in the rear sockets. I have also had good luck with National Union grey glass in the front sockets. I think that you can improve the sound of this pre more by messing with the tubes at this point than by changing the caps.