How important is it for you to attain a holographic image?

I’m wondering how many A’goners consider a holographic image a must for them to enjoy their systems?  Also, how many achieve this effect on a majority of recordings?
Is good soundstaging enough, or must a three dimensional image be attained in all cases.  Indeed, is it possible to always achieve it?

  I stay away from words like "always" and "never" but I do listen carefully for three dimensional imaging in recordings and on equipment. I think a 3 dimensional image does sound more life-like. 
First, I think it's important to reset with going to a symphony now and then and closing your eyes.

We rarely get holographic sound in person.

But we may desire it, especially since we cannot see the musicians.

And possible, depends on the recordings, but I will say my experience is that you can improve the holography by improving acoustics in the same plane.

Also, I believe there's serious trade offs. Imagine may be enhanced at the loss of treble, or lower midrange. When I hear cables enhancing the imaging, it seems this is always a trade off.

But always, to your own ears and pleasure be true. "realism" is oversold.
I don’t worry much about it . In the 2k + live classical concerts I’ve been to I’ve yet to be in a concert hall that imaged .
2 were close, Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and Ordway  in St. Paul .