How far apart are your speakers

How far apart are your speakers from each other, and from your listening position. Do you consider it far-field or near-field?

For the first time, I have a large room, and have my speakers about 10 feet apart, and 15 feet from my listening chair. Its defnately far-field and I love it. It is more enjoyable than my previous near-field position. How about you?
Three and a half feet from the front wall, seven and a half feet apart and ten and a half feet from the listening position. I would consider this mid-field. Spacious sound with great depth and presence. Imaging and sound-stage are spot on. Very pleased.
9' apart 4' from front of speakers to the back wall and side walls, 14' to the center of the listening position slight toe in and 10' cielings. Wall of sound with current speakers and music pours over the top of me on good to excellent recordings. Great mid hall effect.
10ft apart, 4ft from back wall, 3ft from sidewalls, 11.5 listening position.
Great question, I have a huge room with full range speakers, eggleston andras II and prior to that Thiel 3.6 and both manuals claim 10 feet or more. My preference is maximum 9 ft from center of each speaker. I find if you space them too far apart the tonality becomes compromised.

I have found that to be true in different rooms.
My speakers are 9 and a half feet apart and about 11 feet from the sweet spot. Most people use the equal triangle or 80% triangle method. There are many books on speaker sep up, thats the best way to start.