How does the Rotel RSP-1066 sound?

I'm curious as to how well this processor stacks up against other more expensive pre-pro's like B&K's ref 30/50, Classe's SSP-30 MkII, Krell Showcase, Sunfire III, etc.
My first interest is in direct 2 ch. quality and then surround processing and ergonomics.

Two channel---ratings-----First through third, is a toss up between Sunfire, Classe, and Krell. They are all good. Fourth goes to B & K, and fifth to Rotel.

I thought Rotel's DD/DTS were very acceptable. The ergonomics were top notch as well.

Ultimately its the 2 channel and music modes that seperate the men from the boys.

All are good Processors and deserve audition.
Thanks, Distortion. Auditioning can be tricky. I'll see what I can find in the NYC shops this weekend.
I have the Rotel 1066, and I like it. For 2-channel and for discrete multichannel inputs most of the circuitry is bypassed, so what you hear depends on your other equipment.
The ergonomics are excellent, IMHO.

Local dealer support might be the deciding factor, as it was for me.
EAD Ovation or Signature for the ultimate 2 channel, really outstanding especially using the DAC's built in. Simple setup with the included microphone which sets delays, volume and phase setting!
Thanks guys. Cytocycle, does the Ovation have 5 channel inputs for SACD/DVD-A?