How does the NAD M3 hold up these days?

How does the NAD M3 hold up these days compared to all the new models w new technology? Anyone observed?
What new technology are you talking about?
Not very good its history!!
Interestingly enough, the reason I logged back into this forum is because my C375BEE is no longer working. I have been an advocate of NAD for a number of years now, but I'm tired of having to repair the equipment: a CD player, a receiver, and now an integrated amp.

I would encourage you to consider other options.

Have you decided what you're going to replace your NAD components with?
The NAD is now using cold fusion in the Power Amp. section and as of the next year the NAD will be using laser beams instead of the speaker cables.
Talking about M3. It's fine, just went on vacation.
Zd542, no not yet. In the long term, I may take this opportunity to step into the active speaker arena. The combination of a DAC/preamp and active speakers is appealing to me. In the short term, I'll take my Coda amp and Monarchy Audio DAC/preamp from my office.