How does the Jolida JD-100 compare to...

I've seen alot of comparisons to CDP's that sell used for less than $1000, but can anyone report how this CD player compares to higher end units? I've got an Arcam CD23, and would like to know if anyone has done any comparisons. Or how about some other very good units, such as the Theta Miles, Cary upper end players, and others.

All relevant observations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Could you please suggest some/what tubes you find to
make the already great sounding Jolida, even better?
I just bought another one (sold first one awhile
back...went around the cdp block a few times since
and now I'm back).

I totally agree with the other reviews on this player,
an absolute steal, "especially" at the price.

Anyway any tube recommendations, and where I can
purchase them would be greatly appreciated.


Do you know where I can purchase a set
of the telefunken smooth plate 12ax7's?

Hi Muralman1

Telescopes, I am no longer buying, selling or
trading...for a little while anyway! :o)
But I have had just about every scope known to man.

Got any scopes you want to sell?? :o)

Anyway, thanks for the reply, I have heard of the 5751's
also, where can I get those??

BTW...I have Green Mountain Audio speakers...very


Thanks! The TV 85 is a nice little scope. I have had
many apo's up to 7" and a couple of 10" achro's, and
at one time had an 11" F15 refractor on order, but
turned the order over to a friend (now proud owner)
before it was finished.

I have a pair of Green Mountain C-3's on order
should be burnt in next week by Roy and shipped
soon after. He sent me a loaner pair of his little
Europa's to hold me over until then...amazing little

I hear ya on the dipoles, I owned a pair of Wisdom
Audio D-75's for awhile and they were fantastic!

I'll check into the tubes.