How does the Jolida JD-100 compare to...

I've seen alot of comparisons to CDP's that sell used for less than $1000, but can anyone report how this CD player compares to higher end units? I've got an Arcam CD23, and would like to know if anyone has done any comparisons. Or how about some other very good units, such as the Theta Miles, Cary upper end players, and others.

All relevant observations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
I did alot of research, auditioning and listening to various players before deciding on the Jolida jd100 (modded by parts connexion).
Before I begin, a couple of disclaimers so people don't jump down my throat...
1. I did not A/B them in my house/system.
2. These are only my personal observations.
3. I am not saying that one player is better than another player... just better for me.
4. Cost played a relatively small role in my choice. (I would have spent much more for a used ****** if I thought it would bring me more listening pleasure.

Arcam CD92- I really liked this player. Detailed, neutral, good soundstage. I thought something was missing in the music dept. here. Thought the Jolida sounds more alive.

Cary 303-200- Excellent CD Player. Very coherent, resolving, detailed, great for classical music. I found the presentation too serious and sober for my taste. Very refined. Captures instrumental timbres very well, accurately.

Naim CDS- Wonderful player. Very detailed and musical, tasty presentation. A little lean sounding, and slightly edgy in feel(not sound). Everybody talks about PRAT with Naim and I agree, but I find the Jolida more laid back and listenable.

Meridian 507- bright, harsh, very digital, unlistenable.

Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista - Overly refined. I heard an overabundance of hi-fi sonicery but missed the music. Everything is very well organized, separation, soundstaging, detail, accuracy.... etc. etc. I found the presentation very anal. You couldn't pay me to own one of these.

Mark Levinson 39- I found this the Herbert von Karajan of CD players. Everything implies perfection in all departments. But felt it lacked the abiltiy to transmit the soul, warmth and humanity present in the recordings. And I'm not talking about coloration.

The Jolida I've had since December. I find it Very musical, detailed without being analytical, and just plain fun to listen to. Good value, and tube rolling makes a huge difference. Smooth treble, beautiful instrumental timbres, good firm bass, gorgeous midrange... good separation, airy... not the last word in resolution but not bad either. The music sings and swings with this player... I listen to it for hours and find I'm even listening to it more than my records. I wish I could have heard the audionote cd 2.1 or 3.1, but just couldn't wait any longer. I'm still really curious about those 2.

Hope this is helpful, good luck.
Last year I purchased a Theta Miles (balanced version). I compared it to the Arcam FMJ, Cary, ARC CD3, among others. I thought the ARC was the most refined and best of the bunch, but the Theta was real close. It even had a better bottom end to my ears. Put that with an analog volume control and over $2000 cheaper than the ARC......... I think the Theta rules for the bucks.
Great review, Buxter66. I own the Jolida too, and I agree with your summation. Off the shelf Jolidas sound wonderful. They sound deciedly better, when fitted with YOUR tubes. That is something everyone has too explore for themselves.

This isn't the first time I've heard someone rate the Jolida over the over three times more costly Cary.

Peter, if you are looking at used CDPS in the $1000 range, then it would be crazy not to audition a NEW Jolida 100 for only $900. Used CDPS are a mine field.

Could you please suggest some/what tubes you find to
make the already great sounding Jolida, even better?
I just bought another one (sold first one awhile
back...went around the cdp block a few times since
and now I'm back).

I totally agree with the other reviews on this player,
an absolute steal, "especially" at the price.

Anyway any tube recommendations, and where I can
purchase them would be greatly appreciated.

I have telefunken smooth plates 12ax7's. took the jolida to a different league over the svetlanas. much more refined, organic, musical, much more layering, separation, dimension, instrumental timbres way more right, esp. strings and piano, not to mention vocals and everything else . I find the tele's quite subtle, highly detailed, "upright" in presentation. I would like some specific suggestions too along with their sonic traits...

Do you know where I can purchase a set
of the telefunken smooth plate 12ax7's?

I personally much prefer the 5751 tube group than any of the ATX tubes. There is a variety of them available at reasonable cost. One negative, they have a lower output than the ATX tubes by some 25%. Teles will last longer than any. On most speakers, ATX tubes sound OK. If you have ultra transparent speakers like an electrostat, you will hear the differences.

What telescopes do you trade in?
Hi Muralman1

Telescopes, I am no longer buying, selling or
trading...for a little while anyway! :o)
But I have had just about every scope known to man.

Got any scopes you want to sell?? :o)

Anyway, thanks for the reply, I have heard of the 5751's
also, where can I get those??

BTW...I have Green Mountain Audio speakers...very

Hi Bob

I have a friend who recently bought Green Mountain speakers. He is powering them with a Wadia and Levinson. It passes my trusty Leo Kottke test disk with flying colors - almost no do. He auditioned Renault speakers too, and they were great as well. Dynamic driver speakers have come a long way in sonic purity. I am a die hard dipole lover. Scintillas are my present speakers.

The only scope I have is the Televue 85. I use it for daytime photography and nature viewing mostly - had some good views of Jupiter. It makes a killer 600mm lens.

5751 tubes are where you find them. Check out any of the net tube vendors. They will all have some of one brand or the other.

Thanks! The TV 85 is a nice little scope. I have had
many apo's up to 7" and a couple of 10" achro's, and
at one time had an 11" F15 refractor on order, but
turned the order over to a friend (now proud owner)
before it was finished.

I have a pair of Green Mountain C-3's on order
should be burnt in next week by Roy and shipped
soon after. He sent me a loaner pair of his little
Europa's to hold me over until then...amazing little

I hear ya on the dipoles, I owned a pair of Wisdom
Audio D-75's for awhile and they were fantastic!

I'll check into the tubes.

....the jolida to a Audio Aero Prima or the new Cary 308t. There have been many favorable reviews of these two players although I know they cost a bit more than the Jolida.
Meant to say does the jolida compare to the audio aero prima or the new cary 308t cdp?