How do you know when the crossover needs changing?

I have a pair of 27 yr old speakers and one of the drivers sounds a little on the shrill side in my room so I turn it down on the speaker controls. Is this a sign? And what differnce could a modern crossover have? And does rewiring make any worthwhile improvements? I have a pair of OHM I's. Thanks for all you members responses in the past. audiogon is a wonderful resource of info. Mike
27 years on capacitors in those crossovers is a good and long time. If you like the speakers, get the crossovers rebuilt. mostly you just need new caps. The main thing is many crossover caps do not have the values printed on them... so you might do a little net searching to find owners who know what the values are supposed to be.
Thanks for your response. I think they need replacing too. mike
Give Bill Legall of Millersound a call he maybe able to help you out;he's one of the best in the speaker repair and crossover rebuilding business.
That crossover needs changing along with the oxidized wire in the speaker. Parts express has crossovers and wire, plus they give good advice. When I said crossover I meant capacitors and wire for sure.