How do tube components affect each other?

I think I asked something like this before, but I don't think I found a good answer. Here is an example. Say you have a tubed CD Player that adds warmth to the signal, then this signal goes to a tube pre-amp, that also adds its signature to the signal and then to the tube amplifier, which also adds its thing to the signal? Is this the way it works? Can multiple componenents OVER-add warmth to a signal? Is it possible to have a component that adds warmth while the next one takes it away?
Yes, yes, and yes. Works for solid state as well. No mysteries. Not all tubes components are warm nor are all SS components neutral or cold.
Ditto, ditto, and ditto.

I will add that cascading tube equipment which use different types of tubes can alter the sound in ways not limited to just warmth or the opposite.

I have a tube DAC with a pair of 6922s that feed a tube preamp with two 6SN7s. I've taken the tube preamp out of the mix and substituted a couple different passive preamps and it's quite interesting to note what the 6SN7s add.

My feeling is that the 6922s pass along a very dimensional and "closer to neutral" sound, while the 6SN7s flesh out the midrange and upper bass more which can give vocals and acoustic instruments that illusion of glow.