Speakers for Vintage Marantz ? Plus other Qs

I recently rescued a Marantz 2265B receiver, which I just had repaired by a competent technician. I'm now looking for used speakers to pair with this receiver, as well as ideas for an appropriate source.

Regarding the speakers, I have a very limited budget of up to $500 CAD, but I prefer to spend much less (~$200). I want something that has good synergy with the receiver, is capable of playing many genres well, and has decent but tuneful bass response. Unfortunately, the speakers will have to be placed very close to the back wall, which is made of brick, as the speakers will sit directly in front of a non-usable fireplace. The receiver is rated at 65wpc, which I assume is a conservative rating.

Given these constraints, I presume the most sensible choice would be vintage speakers ('70s-'80s), high efficiency (88dB+?), medium-sized cabinets, and front ported. Does this sound right? What specs should I look for when determining if a speaker would be suitable? I'm hoping to find something local on Canuck Audio Mart. Vintage B&W? Vintage JBL? What should I be looking for?

Regarding the source, I'm debating between using a tradition CDP, or perhaps integrating some PC audio. I'd really like to figure out how I can incorporate an iPhone 6 dock -- if they even exist -- so friends can simply plug in their phone when they come over for a visit. Any advice? The receiver will sit on top of an Ikea Expedit cabinet -- the one that everyone uses to store vinyl records -- so if I can fit a laptop in one of those squares, it would be nice if I could connect it directly to the receiver for high-res playback. I just don't know anything about the state of PC audio, or how it can be incorporated into vintage 2-channel setups.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Two speakers that I would recommend are ADS l710 or Boston Acoustics a150. Both can be found for around 200 if your patient. Ive used both on a Marantz 2285b with great results.
Pioneer makes some good, entry level speakers that are easy to drive.
try a used pair of sound dynamics 300ti they meet your price point. Good luck
I've heard the pioneer speakers that have been gushed about on here And other forums. With all due respect they are cheaply made and to me sounded no better than the budget klipsch and Bose that were on the shelf next to them. You will not find a new speaker with the build quality and sound of a pair of ADS speakers for 200.
JBL L100s at that price point

Ihad tge Marantz 2245 with these in a bygone era and they worked for a receiver and also what was tops in that distant era

You are severely limited at that price point point and you only get what you pay for .
I am using a 2265b with a pair of jbl 2600 bookshelf speakers as my main audio with my t.v./ computer/ xbox one in my living room. They can be had for less than $100 a pair on ebay right now. They are front ported so placement is easy. It is shocking how nice the combo sounds since my main listening rig for audio is a pair of Maggie 3.7 / cary slp 05/ innersound esl 300/ oppo bdp 95. For peanut money in comparison the Marantz/ jbl combo amazes me.
I forgot to mention I also have a 2220b receiver in my backyard shop (25 x 35) hooked up to a pair of quad 11L mini monitors and it sounds great too.
If u want to remain vintage small advents,epi 100, klh 17, Polk monitor 7.
"02-10-15: Chrshanl37
I've heard the pioneer speakers that have been gushed about on here And other forums. With all due respect they are cheaply made and to me sounded no better than the budget klipsch and Bose that were on the shelf next to them."

Actually, I can hear a pretty big difference. I understand if you didn't like them, but if you can't hear any difference its something you may want to look into.
I used Marantz 2240 and 2216B receivers over a 10 year period from 1997 to 2007. I never bought into using vintage speakers with vintage receivers. I always used modern speakers and a CD player.

I had the best results with the Rega ARA (now RS1), NHT SB2 (now Classic Two) and Wharfedale Diamonds (both 9.0 and 10.1).

Speaker placement was always on a shelf or top of a bookcase and near to a rear wall.

Understanding how expensive audio can be in Canada, especially in shipping and import charges, take a look at these Polk bookshelves which may just work for you. A few years back, I had auditioned these speakers and liked them quite a bit.

Polk RTI A1

Polk RTI A1 Review

Yes different I agree but I didn't say that. I said no better. Audiophiles often equate different as better. I didn't recommend the ADS because they are vintage but because they are simply better made than anything that is currently selling new in that price range plus they are easy to drive. To each their own.
I own a few restored vintage Marantz units (1060, 2230 and 2245) and have run a number of speakers with them. I had the 1060 paired with a set of Design Acoustics PS-10s for a long time. The PS-10s we're built in the 80s and can be had in mint condition for $300 or less (usually found on the evil auction site). I had mine jammed right up against the wall with no I'll effects. They're sealed and feature a 10" down firing woofer. Most PS-10s (I also recommend their slightly bigger brother PS10a) have either had their woofers refoamed or woofers replaced with matching spec Dayton drivers. I've used both and Dayton drivers are better. Buying a set with replacement woofers shouldn't be seen as a downgrade.

Overall a nice smooth sound that compliments the Marantz nicely. If you can find a pair with the adjustable tweeter, all the better.
Several speakers were recommended that have not heard, and therefore can’t comment on. That said, I owned a pair of Sound Dynamic 300ti for 15 years and they are a great speaker and a great deal if one could buy a pair in good condition for under $300. Wish I never sold mine. Regarding the Pioneer speakers, I own the SP-22bs and think they are great for the $130 asking price. They have a forgiving tonal balance and project a good soundstage with great imaging. I doubt the soundstaging character of these speakers can be appreciated when listened to while they are sitting on a shelf amongst an array of other speakers. Doubt either speaker would be at their best against the wall. I also have a pair of B&W 685s that are front ported and do work against the wall. They do come up used on AG from time to time.
Having sold what is now "vintage" equipment back in the day, I can promise you that the ADS L710 speakers are excellent speakers with well made cabinets and very good drivers and crossovers.

If you can find a nice pair in your price range, you should snag 'em. I think you'll be very happy with the sound quality...

If u can 80s/90s era...monitors from Paradigm, B&w, castle, Epos, PSB, Energy would all fall in price range...Newegg.com has some great deals on new...Pioneer, Polk
Sansui 5000 series speakers are outstanding performers in your range.
see if you can find some energy 22 with the tweeters intact on canuck audio, get 'em
"02-10-15: Chrshanl37
Yes different I agree but I didn't say that. I said no better. Audiophiles often equate different as better."

I read your post again and see what you mean. Its your honest opinion, and that's what matters.
I have a Marantz 2252 hooked up to vintage KLH model 6's which I picked up in outstanding condition for $165 and the sound is glorious. I have also used older Mirage speakers and they also sounded very nice.