How do I connect a subwoofer to my speakers?

I have Definitive Technology BP7006 speakers in my theatre system. One with a blown amp, and the other on the way. I want to hook up one subwoofer. All my wires are in the walls. Can I connect the subwoofer to the speaker terminals on my DTs? thanks in advance.
No...the correct way is to connect the sub via rca coaxial cable from your receiver. Usually, the sub has a built in amp.
got the scoop....
hook your sub to the speaker wire, run more wire to the Def Techs from the high pass output on the sub, assuming it has them.

this will make your sub the bass speakers for your Def Techs

if you want the subs as the .1 in a 5.1 system, you will have to hook them up to the sub out of your receiver/pre-amp
Audionut, if I get you right, two wires from sub Hi Out to the terminals on my DTs? That be the deal? That's what I had thought, but you're the first, If I'm hearing your right.
yes. think of it this way. the sub is just an extension of the speaker wire. signal in, signal out, just with the low frequencies filtered out. (high pass filter "passes" the highs) this should "bypass" your blown amps in the DT's. the sub amps in the DT's won't "see" any signal due to the high pass filter on the sub. just to reinforce this, if your sub has a selectable frequency switch, set that to match the DT's. if the DT's sub rolls off at, say 80 hrtz, set your sub for about 90 hrtz to cover the frequencies of the DT subs.

most subs have a L-R channel in-put/out-put. just make sure L goes to L DT and R to R DT and that the polarity (+ to + / - to -) is right on both the in-put/out-put of the sub and the DT's.

one question: are the Def Tech's not under warranty? you might try a call to them if if not. good companies will cover things long after the warranty expires. i know Martin Logan did when my cross-overs went bad in my Ascents. DT also might have some pointers for you if they wont cover it.

good luck
Definitive Technology's reputation, from what I've read, is in the dumpster. Looks like I have found a more cost effective way to go and with a leaner look for my movie room. Found Wayne, recommended through Audiogon, that will replace the blown sub with a high quality sub, filling my 10x10 room with all the bass I need. Since the other DT is going south, as well, I can always do that one, should the bass not do the job. I highly doubt it, though. Thanks for your help.