How can I use a turntable with a Krell Integrated?

I'm looking to pick up a S300i or 400xi Krell Integrated amp and I wanted to also dabble in some vinyl. I wanted to hook up a turn table to the Krell and didn't know if it was possible. I'm a vinyl newbie so thought I'd ask here.
Using a turntable with a preamp or integrated amplifier requires the use of an outboard phono pre-amp.
Phono premps come in various sizes with many different features. Some decently rated are quite economical - under $200, and as with anything the sky is limit.

Many are quite small and could be placed next to the TT. Minimizing the length of cable from the turntable and running the longer cable from phono pre to preamp is a good idea as well.

Good Luck!
You could buy a stand alone Phono Stage. The phono stage then plugs into one of the inputs on the integrated. It is simple but prices range all over. I use a Graham Slee SS for a high output moving coil cartridge which cost about $500. The type of cartridge will dictate what to get, but only to a limited extent. There is an extraordinary range of Phono stages as I have said some are indeed, much more expensive than your amplifier.
Ditto the above, would add that there are a few turntables with a built in phono pre-amp. They aren't usually in the league of stand alone units, but may serve as a start. Happy hunting.
The above assumes the Krell doesn't have an on board phono stage .......
They don't. At least the S 300i doesn't but it would be my clear choice.
I was looking at the Technics SL1200MK2. Not sure if it has a preamp or not. Thanks for the great info so far!
The 400xi also doesn't have one.
You will need a phono preamp with either of these models.
I ended up picking up a S300i and I love it. I'm looking to pick up a Clearaudio Emotion or the clone from Marantz. Looks like I'll need a phono stage. Thanks all.
Great ! IMO S300i is one of the biggest bargains right now in the hi-end audio. Reviews just do not do it justice.