how can I get DSD signal from my Sony SCD5400 ES

I have one unit of Sony SCD 5400 ES HDMI.
How can I get DSD signal to my headphone amplifier?
Are there any DSD DAC to do that via HDMI?
or should I get Sony TA DA5400 ES ? with that can I get
DSD analog signal out via its pre out?
1. There is no such thing as a DSD analog signal. DSD is only digital, so you probably mean an analog signal converted from DSD without an intermediary conversion to PCM.

2. Most AVRs will do the D/A but few will avoid the PCM intermediary.

3. I know of no DACs that will accept HDMI and DSD.

The 5400ES has a pretty highly rated DAC built in. You can just run the analog outputs to your headphone amp. Any SACD you play will have the DSD material decoded internally to the analog outputs.
I would like to use the DSD DAC to improve the sound quality. I have seen the specification of the Sony TA DA5400 ES that have the DSD DAC via HDMI (32bit DSD-DAC conversion and HATS (High quality digital Audio Transmission System) for HDMI.

but I would like to know how can I get the analog signal from that Sony TA DA5400, can I get it from the two front channel of analog output, any preout?

I also saw one of the audiobyte Hydra X that use I2S, HDMI
for DSD but I don't know whether it can decode the DSD from Sony SCD 5400ES or not? probably not now but in the near future.
16.06.2013 - A few important upgrades regarding Hydra-X usb interface:
- native ASIO is now supported by Hydra-X. You can go to the product page and download the ASIO package.
- DSD over PCM (DoP) support is now enabled on S/PDIF and AES/EBU outputs. DSD64 and DSD128 rates are supported.
- DSD256 and DSD512 native dsd output is now enabled via I2S/HDMI output (via ASIO driver).

Sorry if I use the term incorrectly and for my language use. Just want to improve the SQ of this Sony 5400 SCD

thanks so much for the input
Ah OK.

I can think of a few options:
a. get it modded by Modwright. It modifies the analog output stage and the power supply and is quite highly rated

b. sell the 5400ES for a better SACD player. I am quite pleased with my DSD DACs from Playback Designs and EMM Labs. Well worth an audition.

c. wait for an HDMI DSD DAC. The only HDMI DAC that is 2 channel and "audiophile" grade (ie not AV/home theatre) is the NAD M51. But that does not accept DSD over HDMI, only PCM.

Note the Hydra X you mentioned is a USB -> I2S converter. What it claims is that it is compatible with DOP (DSD over PCM) encapsulation over USB. This is a way that computers can take existing DSD encoded files and send it over USB to a DAC that can decode the DSD directly. It is not a DAC and it does not work with the Sony 5400ES.
thanks for the info.

so getting another Sony TA DA 5400ES will not work to improve sound quality

I think I will wait for HDMI DSD. I think there is
rapid development in this area so I may not have to wait that long.

Thanks also for the comment on the HydraX
Are you sure there's an HDMI DSD DAC on the way? :)
Are you sure there's an HDMI DSD DAC on the way
I once asked Audiobyte and they said that in the future there may be, the problem now is the decode license from Sony. I don't know whether it can also work with those of oppo or not. I need to confirm this info later . I may be wrong but I think I'd better wait until the DSD 512 have settled and the price has come down more.
Frankly I feel HDMI is not a great transport for audio signals. The M51 for instance often sounds better using the SPDIF than HDMI.
Is DSD available with a SPDIF connection?

DSD is generally NOT available on S/PDIF except for modified players.