Home theater seating

I am looking for some suggestions for some great HT seating. I am looking for manufacturers who have seats that attatch together and have high backs.
Google "home theater seating" you will find a vast amount of information.
Thanks, I did that, but I am looking for some user recommendations.
First you must read Floyd Toole's 'Sound Reproduction'. He provides some good insights into seating.
You can have the berkline seating if your budget is good,
Not sure what your budget is, but I've been extremely happy with the build quality and performance of my 2 Berkline powered seats that I purchased 4 years ago for $1500 each, but I'm sure they offer more affordable models too.
I went to a local furniture store a few years back and special ordered 7 berkline seats with my choice of fabric. I built a 12" platform in the rear and put 4 of them up there and the 3 in front. I think they were like $400 each, but it certainly helped sell my house. In fact I think it was the deal maker. Very comfortable too. I will say though that they came missing one arm. When I did receive the arm, for some reason that arm was padded with plastic bags. Little shocked at that