High Powered Speakers?

It always strikes me as strange to see an amplifier like the sunfire that does 400 watts per channel.

i really have not seen many speakers at all that can handle over 200W

In fact, most speakers i see reccommend no more than 125-150W

What brands make speakers that can handle that much power?
Havn't you seen Electro Voice ones with 500W woofers in clubs budy??
Rule of thumb: If the speakers can handle 200 watts buy a 400 watt amp and turn it up half way.

Talon Audio has some 1-1000 watt speakers.

The big U-1, A-1 and M-1 Soundlab speakers can handle 750 to 1000 watts of power according to Dr. West, their creator. I have not had the opportunity to put that large an amplifier on my Soundlabs, but it would be nice to audition.
Avalon Eidolons and Revel Salons are two such speakers, and both sound best when used with 300-400W/ch amps.
(Although, if the amps are monoblocks, this can be lowered somewhat, due to the increased current).

I will also note that both of these speakers are very highly regarded speakers as well.
Marty is right: buy an amp that can handle the toughest of speakers. If you amp has needles, you should be okay if your needles don't exceed 60-70% of the way to the top, 90% of the time. This tells you that the amp is comfortable with your speakers at the volumn that you like.
Speaker manufacturers often specify a few power ratings of their speakers at least continuous power and peak power. Usually 200W drivers can undergo peaks upto 500W.
Talon Khorus speakers can handle 1000W of peak power and 400W continuous. They will basically best with amps above 400Watts per channel and on loud volume levels.
The Paradigm Studio100 can handle clean 7000watt peaks above 150hz.
Hardclip a 100watt AV receiver into it for 10 minutes and you'll fry the tweeter.

No such thang as having too much clean amplifer power, as long as you're careful with it.
ie: don't playback the telarc digital cannons at full tilt into a set of mini-monitors with a 1000watt Krell.
"Don't playback the telarc digital cannons at full tilt into a set of mini-monitors with a 1000watt Krell."

Ohhh, can't we do that just once? Just to see the fire and smoke? Pleeze? Slappy will let us use his ghetto system...
You can lay the speakers down on their backs and take bets on how high the woofer can launch a tennis ball.
It'll work at least once.
With MG 1.6 speakers there is no doubt that a 350 watt Adcom amp sounds much better than a 100 watt Adcom amp with similar specs (except for power), even though the power drawn (even peaks) is well within the 100 watt amp range. I think that there are other amplifier characteristics that come along with high power, and these, rather than the high power capability, make the difference.
B&W Nautilus 801s.