High End Equipment Security and Insurance???

It worries me sometimes that someday somebody will break in to my house and take all my Audio stuff. What does everybody do to protect their expensive equipments specially high end audio stuff? Do you write down the serial#? Does the home insurance pay for it if it got stolen? How do you prove to them that you have all these expensive audio stuff? How much do you claim specially for used equipments you bought on the net? I want to hear from you guys.
Your home owners policy will cover theft/fire to a cap limit. The best thing you can do is have a separate rider for all your audio gear, as a separate item. When it comes to claim value for used gear, the insurance companies use fair market value. It's important to have a receipt from the seller.
To the above post I would add videotape with narration not only your audio gear but also everything in your home. Keep this tape in a lockable location other than your home.
I suggest buying speakers so large that the thieves tip them, killing themselves in the process.
Well, Albertporter, I had one almost that good some years ago. Thieves made off with a great deal from my house, including the living room sofa; but they were never able to get my Altec Lansing 500W1 Voice of the Theatre speakers more than a foot from their original positions. Maybe they got hernias!
Lloyd same here - they stole the whole rig, excepting speakers. Found one had been hauled as far as the garage & used for a doorstop. Probably it just wouldn't fit in their vehicle. The other speaker wasn't even touched.
But I had rigged a remote mute relay circuit into the amp that looked just like an RCA input jack. When unplugged, the mute relay shorts the audio inputs. No doubt it was pawned for crack when found unusable. I had planned it that way from day one. I put way too much blood sweat & tears into that homebrew amp to let someone else just steal it away & enjoy it. Whoever got it gained nothing.
I got robbed blind stole my whole system except my jbl s410 tower speakers. They even took all my food, laundry soap and toilet paper. My system was only 6 months old and all I got back was 1 vcr, a 27" tv and a 30 year old Kenwood integrated amp.