Hifi racks with isolation

can audiogon community recommend some good racks which assist in improving the sound of CD player and amp

Grand Prixs are really cool looking, but try shaking the top of one when it's got gear on it, they are pretty flimsy...

The best rack I ever found are the Harmonic Resolution Systems, but they are like $20,000- $30,000.... Another one I really liked are SRA Craz rack, but I needed more shelves so I went with the audiav Crystal and it is an amazing rack!
If you have the space for them the Critical Mass shelves and racks work great.

Critical Mass Systems.com

Also, I would second the recommendation for the HRS stuff. With either brand you can start with the isolation shelves first.
Kevin will design the SRA Craz racks to your needed size.

You can check out mine in Virtual Systems.

I could not be happier with their performance and they are also beautiful.

Second the Grand Prix Monaco Modular racks - unsurpassed.

I needed eight shelves and a height of six feet, the space I have would not allow a 'double wide' rack. I know they will custom make the Craz, but they just couldn't meet all my wants.

BTW Beautiful system, and nice racks! Love all the Transparent in there!
I too highly recommend the Grand Prix Audio. Kennyt, regarding them being "flimsy", that's intentional to decouple vibration away from the shelves.
Another vote for the Grand Prix Monaco.

I'll send in a vote for Jtinn, who runs a $200k+ system and deals a lot of high end gear. A lot. He also is a firm believer in Grand Prix. He sold me mine!

While he's switched loyalties between amp companies and cable companies and even a little in the speaker world, he's remained true to GP.

As have I.

Flimsy? Absurd.

They are incredibly well engineered. I had mine set up within 6 feet of my sub, and even during some serious bass music, the gear on the rack behaved perfectly.

And while they are bucks, compared to the only other worthy competitors (Finite Elemente, Craz) they are a steal.
I second the racks at www.audiav.com

I had one shipped over after evaluating the Grand Prix and Finite Element.

Btw, Audiav Crystal with granite signature shelves cost as much as the Grand Prix and more than the Finite Elemente
HRS...to my knowledge don't go for $20-30k.

Check them out, you buy the frame, then add shelves, a four shelf unit can easily be $20-30K.
If you want to go all the way with HRS, meaning you get the *full* four shelf MXR rack *with* gloss black finish *plus* four 1921 M3 bases you can touch about 20K retail (but who pays retail anyway). But that's like complaining that MIT speaker cables cost 25K (Oracle MA). It's either ignorance or a decided slant to claim that HRS racks cost 20K to 30K (I guess we can just make up numbers now) when they have products for less money.

HRS (outside the MXR) has a modular approach to their products. You can buy as you go both with the SXR rack (which is modular) and the M3 bases as well as the new (and cheaper) S1 bases.

imo, you generally get what you pay for and top notch products don't typically come at bargain basement prices.
I like HRS products, but the rack looks bulky compared to other products.
I can strongly recommend the racks made by Coherenz Audio, Singapore. These are OEM for MBL of Germany.Available in modular form with a variety of stainless steel column lengths ranging from 4" all the way to 12".The shelf is made of 1.5" thick diamond polished acrylic . The combination of stainless steel and acrylic is pretty stunning.Its not cheap approx USD 500 per shelf incl 3 stainless steel columns and pretty heavy.Each shelf + 3 legs is almost 20kg.You can check out pics of my system.