hifi interconnect good for sub

i have a canton vento850as (3000$). Does a good interconnect can be use to pug my sub. EX: audioquest sky. Or maybe a subwoofer cable have a specific desing for this application, if im better whit a cable sub any dynamic sugestion please?...
Yes you can they are the same thing.
Ye you can. They are all not the same
I use a XLO reference series (no longer made but available used) and have been very happy. I tried AQ, Wireworld,Monster,Harmonic Tech and a couple others before I settled on this and it seems to be very direct and deep.
I am using a Velodyne DD12
I like the Analysis Plus sub cable. Fast, clean, linear.
After using any and every cable I had available for the length required, I have found there is no need to spend alot on a sub only cable.
I ended up using Tributaries Series 5 (9ft.), and they do a very good job for a very good price.
If you need a longer run, the River Cables do an excellent job also, and you can find them pretty cheap used.