hifi audio store to visit in frankfurt, germany

I am going on a business trip to Frankfurt next week and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good store to visit and see. I am particularly interested in the European brands, like goldmund, audiomecca, forsell, electrocmpaniet, burmester etc. Thanks
There are many Hifi-shops in Frankfurt City or around Frankfurt:

Hifi-Profis: see www.hifi-profis.de for address and more
I think they work together with another shop in Frankfurt, which I will recommend:

It's called Raum-Ton-Kunst:
Firma Raum Ton Kunst Studios für Unterhaltungselektronik GmbH, Neue Kräme 29, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Phone +49-69-287928

Other shop: Musik im Raum in Wiesbaden (30 Miles from Frankfurt)
D-65185 Wiesbaden Musik im Raum
Taunusstraße 32
+49-611 - 52 46 48

Both have burmester.

You may also call OKM in Eschborn (Frankfurt)
Firma OKM HiFi Vertrieb GmbH, Rödelheimer Str. 44, 65760 Eschborn, Taunus, +49-6196-44212

I finally recommend:
Alligator HiFi Studios
65232 Taunusstein/Hahn (30+ miles)
Phone +49-6128-23968

You may start from these addresses and ask for the very brands you are interested in.

But I think the best approach is to go to the wep-sites of your brands of interest and find out the distributors in Germany. These distributors will then tell you what shops near Frankfurt will have their equipment.

Good luck - Uli
By the way, should you wish to purchase anything, do bargain by any means. No one pays the "normal" price here in Europe anymore, unless its a case of something rare, new or much sought after. Often you can get a discount of up to 20%. See to it as well, that they do not charge you the "Mehrwehrsteuer", a purchase tax, which can be up to 16% in Germany, I believe. You should have that refunded, or not be charged with it at all, if you take the goods out of the country and are not a resident in Germany.
Uli makes some excellent recommendations to you Cjpark. For more, see my post on the "High end dealers in Frankfurt" thread on the "Misc. Audio" forum (do a search, but the thread is fairly recent, since drubin was recently in town). Detlof is right to urge all European high-end customers to haggle over prices, no matter how uncomfortable the salespeople might appear (esp. in Germany) or whatever awkward scenario develops out of it, it is better to get a 20% discount than pay MSRP for an expensive purchase (I have even gotten 40% off of new equipment). The high-end market in Germany, like the German economy itself, is slowing down, and high-end dealers are starting to look for more opportunities to sell off equipment at a lower margin (it is true that some of the show-room equipment in Frankfurt stores has been around for 3 or 4 years now without any interested customer.). "Mehrwertsteuer" (VAT or Value Added Tax, 16% of retail price in Germany) can only be refunded at the airport (no longer along motor highways, because of bureaucratic downsizing) if you have an appropriate form filled out by the dealer to take with you to customs as you leave the EU. The honest dealer will also want a copy of this "VAT exemption form" after it is stamped by customs and will give you a stamped self-addressed envelope to return this copy to him. As a non-EU citizen you are entitled to get this tax back. But beware of having to pay customs duties in your home country upon re-arrival.
Thanks guys for your input. I visited a couple of stores suggested and had a chance to the top of the line burmester set up which was great! I picked up a "Sun Leister" power extension cord/multi tab as a souvenir. thanks again.