Clearaudio cartridges in Germany

There was a post here some time ago that noted Clearaudio cartridges were much less expensive in Europe. Does anyone know places in Germany or England where one could buy Clearaudio cartridges? Any idea on the price at these places? (I have friends in Berlin in London.)
One of the most renown addresses in Berlin is "HiFi im Hinterhof", they have Clearaudio in their product assortment, but they don't quote any prices on their website (only in German, I'm afraid)

Also in Berlin there is a store "PhonoPhono" specialized in analog that has a webstore as well. I've ordered once with them and think they are very reliable and knowledgeable. Unfortunately, they only quote a few selected MM cartridges on their website, but anyway, you'll get an idea of prices

One more is "Tonstudio Tempelhof" (with webstore)

Perhaps, your friends would like to participate in the Long Night Of The Ears on 2/28/09, a somewhat different audio show where a bus takes people to 9 high-end stores in Berlin (including the 3 mentioned), each one staging their own show for the occasion.
scroll down to the fifth news item on this page.

Now, I don't know any stores in London, but given the weakness of the GBP versus EUR that could be an interesting story... (you can check the UK distributor on Clearaudio's website)

Good hunting
Wow. Tonstudio is showing the Virtuoso for $586 US and Needle Doctor has it for $875. How tough is it to order carts from Germany to North America? Are there duties involved? Are they even allowed to ship to North America?