Hickok 752 tube tester....

I believe I have the Hickok 752, although it does allow the testing of both triodes at the same time. Anyhow, I would like to test some 6N1P tubes but I cannot find any settings in my enclosed tube roll. Would anyone care to share the settings for this tube with me? Thank you for your help.

Same as a 6DJ8/6922, but with double the filament current. Sorry I can't tell you how to do that on your Hickok.
You might want to check with the gentleman who calibrated my 752A. He knows volumes about Hickok testers.

Bill Waters
Thank you Rodman for the tip on the 6922. That's thinking outside the box.

AudioFeil, thank you for the lead on Bill Waters. I will try contacting him. Sounds like a great resource!

I appreciate your help. Thank you both.