Testing 6550 on Hickok 752?

The roll chart on my Hickok 752 shows KT88, but does not have 6550. Can I test a 6550, and if so, where do I fine the switch settings? Also, would like opinions on changing the tubes in the 752 to SS replacements.
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I don't see why you can't use the KT88 settings. If you changed the tube to SS in the tester, I would guess it would need recalibrated. Also, the SS replacements might have to much voltage in compered to tubes. The universal adapters for amps sometimes cause damage, do to the higher voltage they output. If they're made by someone who specializes in it, it may work. A lot of companies claim their tube adapters for amps will work, but those sure have been a problem.
I use the same settings as KT-88 in a 539C with no problems.
You can look up both here and check to see the pins are the same.

You can use the KT88 setting but the real problem is 6550 tubes don't show short with the Hickok 752 even when they are bad.

This may not always be the case but it's happened often enough with my 6550 tubes and my Hickok I only depend on it for transconductance testing (tube life).

Not dependable when searching for defects from shorts.
After searching the net, I didn't know these tubes (83) are getting harder to find. At some point we may have to do it. I don't know anyone that has tried it. At least there's some talk about using resistors to reduce the voltage. A lot of companies claim SS rectifiers adapters (for amps) will work with a variety of different tubes using the same adapter. It doesn't work that easy. All rectifier tubes have different voltage drops, so one adapter can't work for a variety of tubes. I think I'll wait until someone reputable with Hickok testers comes out with one, or a good recommendation.