Hi, looking for opinions on a Harmon Kardon HK3490

Hi, I'm considering buying this receiver and would love to get the communities opinion on overall sound quality.

Many thanks

The sound quality is OK , when compared to other budget amps/receivers.

I owned a previous incarnation of this receiver (HK 3370) and used it almost daily in a secondary system. While I used the HK, I thought the amp was pretty good, but the tuner was dreadful. The HK broke down after 10 months of use. After I started shopping around and started to see what else was available, the HK in my estimation was just OK. See my comments on the NAD C320BEE . I thought that Stereophile's including the HK in its recommended components listing was just off base.

What the HK has going for it, is that it is usually heavily discounted. J&R Music has the 3390 for $220 and the 3490 for $280.

If what you need is just an integrated amplifier, I would look at something like the NAD C315BEE ($350) or Cambridge Audio 340 ($330). If you need a receiver, I would look at NAD C720BEE, which Audio Advisor has discounted to $400.

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