Heresy II upgrades?

I just bought a pair of Klipsch Heresy II's for a temporary system while I am working out of town. I am going to match them with a Cary SLI-80 F1 Signature integrated amp, and some classic turntable and maybe the Eastern Electric(or my fav the MHDT Havana)DAC.

Anyway, when I build a new house in this new city, the Cary interated system will be a secondary system that I will match with Klipschorns in a family/great room.

Sorry so long winded. Now to the question:

Is upgrading the Heresy's to either the Klipsch Heresy III's (approx $550 for the kit from Klipsch), or Crites specs (Approx $400, but sounds like a better upgrade) worth the money? They sound good now, and I plan on selling them in about 7 or 8 months. But I love to tweak stuff. Is it worth it for either of these upgrades?

Remember, someone on here will get the benefit of the upgrades when I sell them later this year, at a discount from my total cost, so let me know.

Have never heard these upgrades so can't speak to which is better but:

If you like the sound of them now why spend the cash if you're going to sell them at a discount?

Or if you just really want to tinker with something, which I definitely understand, then go for it! I'm sure there are others here who can steer you in the right direction concerning the best upgrade.

Like I said, not much help but playing can be so much fun!



Have you listened to the Heresy II? Rebuild or replace the crossovers, but IMHO I don't think that the upgrade to III's will buy you all that much.

Now, if you are talking about rebuilding your IIs into CS-1s - that's a whole different kettle of fish. The CS-1 rebuild will result in a very different sound. I would say better*, but certainly different. But it will most likely affect the resale value.

*Disclosure - I own a set of CS-1s (former Heresys)
Purchase Crites' titanium diaphram, a great bang for the buck 15 minute project
Heresy IIIs sound great (IMO) and I prefer them to my Heresys (with updated Crites crossovers and his Tweeter now) or to my brother's Heresy IIs (stock)...more bass with the III...

You can get the kits to upgrade the Heresy II to the III from Klipsch...and then they ARE Heresy IIIs...

From Bob and Michael Crites, you can update the tweeter to one of their own design which will go higher than the K-77 (on the Heresy) you can put a titanium tweeter diaphragm in the tweeter of the Heresy II (great upgrade as well) and/or you can update the crossovers to get back to the sound PWK intended but with better components AND get the crossovers off of the terminal cup.

CS-1s are yet another complete modification of the Heresy making them 2 way and no longer Klipsch speakers...

Lots of choices you can mix and match to your taste...

Don't mess around with the heresy's too much, Bob Crites is easy to get on the phone and talk with I think he would tell you to replace the caps in the crossovers and for sure the tweeter upgrade both are affordable options. I've owned both one's and two's and the two's are better. Good luck with the project you just might wind up keeping those speakers.