Help with stepping up from AVR to Amp/Pre-Amp

I have a Marantz 6005 AVR, Arcam CD72 and Oppo BDP 93 for DVD's. Just upgraded my speakers to B&W 683's and sense that the Marantz won't cut it. If I need 5.1 for movies and want to step up to the amp/pre-amp world, any suggestions? I want to make the most of my speakers but be somewhat budget sensitive (maybe $2000 total or less).

Thanks- Scott

If HT(over music) is your main function for this system,
I would go the outboard multichannel amp route with your 6005 as pre/pro as first option. If then you feel your system is lacking and want better 2-channel performance, then replace receiver with a quality pre/pro or just add a stereo preamp with an HT bypass feature.

I think this B&K amp(or similar model) will mate very well with your B&W's and have no trouble driving them.

Or even this Parasound or similar model.

I decided to go with an Integra 40.2 as the pre-amp and the Parasound A52 for an amp.

Looks like a good combination. That Parasound should match up well with the B&W's.