Stepping Up Incrementally from Linn 90's Era

At present I have a Rega P3/Exact with Majik-IP with LK85 running Aktiv Tukans. Digital front end is a first generation apple tv feeding outboard perpetual technologies P1a/P3a DAC with monolithic power supply. I've got some funds to upgrade. Linn dealer is recommending a Majik DSM-I as it will provide the most bang for the buck in terms of upgrades to my system -- the phono stage, preamp, power amp, and adds DAC and streaming capability. Another thought I had was to buy used Akurate Kontrol, convert older majik to amplifier only duty and add new Rega RP6. This option appeals to me as it keeps the preamp more pure and free of current streaming technology. Any thoughts appreciated.
From what I've seen, there's not many hardcore Linnies around here. You'd be better off posting something like this on the Linn Forum.