Help with Crating company in California

Hello,I have an old pair of very large klipsch speakers that I would like crated. I already have a shipping company that will ship them, but they need to be crated first. Does anyone know of a crating company in or near Corona California 92881. They will have to pick the speakers up at my house and crate them. How much should I expect to pay? thank you in advance

Trick is to find someone who can do it RIGHT.
We used Banner packing in LA for years, but they just got sloppy after awhile.
About 2 years ago I called about *60* packaging stores.
Out of 60 about 11 really did crating (most did not, and many said they would,
but digging deeper I found out, as usual, they send them elsewhere to be crated, no way!)
I narrowed it down to Fine Line Crating in Van Nuys (contact info to follow).
I have used them (Eli) about eleven times; so far so good.

With crating, I ALWAYS ask for the quote in writing via fax, and supply the DIMs.
I always have the quote faxed back to me.
I learned this a good 10 years ago the hard way.
I will show you an example of how I do it (next emails).

You might have to rent a truck for the day to move them (Uhaul, $19.95+miles).

Where will they be shipping to? Certain companies are
better than others for certain areas and sizes.

Regards, Brian
Fine Line Crating
-----> Eli!
Daytime: (818) 785-0830
7703 Densmore
Van Nuys, CA
Directions: 405 , Exit Sherman Way, R/Haskel, N. Saticoy
see my ad for shipping boxes listed here I will deliver you a pair for $500 Call 760-218-3777 for more information please.
I'm not shipping any speakers.--But that was great info,Brian. I'll thank you for the thread starter.
( I hope his mom taught him to say "thank-you".)
Brian's advice sounds great. I was going to suggest that you contact a dealer or manufacturer and ask them who they use. I had a company that makes mixing consoles and regularly building crates put me in contact with the people that made theirs. I did a complete drawing and they made the crate with the foam inserts. It worked out perfectly. They did not have to come to my house except to deliver the crates.
Thank you everyone for the advice. Especially Brian. this is very helpful info. I will try to call them on Monday
Hey avguygeorge, are you talking about my mom? I did say thank you