Help with $6k - $7k amplifier setup

Im in the market for a new aplifier setup. Im considering the Musical Fidelity Kw500 integrated amp which is relatively expensive for an integrated amp...or the BAT vk-3ix preamp with BAT vk-55 power amp. Would it be wiser to spend this amount of money for separate preamplifier and power amplifier? Pls advice on other options or combinations. I have the musical fidelity a5 cd player and have ordered the verity audio fidelio encore speakers.
Cvt, I would recommend the combo of a Pass LabsX-350.5, which can be bought at a great price as a used/demo piece here on the GON, and Placette passive pre-amp.

I have heard this combination and its sounds wonderful, it would fit your budget, and easily drive your new speakers.

It always comes down to personnal taste and system synergy, but for my ear's the 350.5 and Placette are much better sonicly then the gear you mentioned in your post. If you are interested in more details regarding the 350.5 take a look at a reveiw I posted on it here on the GON.
The TRL D-225 amp for $4000 new is a great amp for the money. You can mate it with a nice passive preamp (I use the K&K Audio TVC) or a low gain active preamp. Either way you should be well within your budget.
From everything I've read your speakers love tubes and are easy to drive. I would certainly say go with tubed seperates, there are many great deals on here for amps and preamps. Based on recent ads with your budget I'd pick up a used Herron VTSP-1A for $1700, I own the same pre and absolutely love it, and an Art Audio Diavola for $2800, a beautiful looking and sounding amp and ballsy for the wattage, 18 I think. Those two pieces woould net out to $4500 leaving money left over for cables and more music. Most of all though, whatever you decide have fun!
For integrated amp option I would consider the Gryphon or Pathos line, for separates within your budget I would try a Conrad Johnson Premier amp with an Axiom Passive preamp or Naim (pre-power).

your fidelio would be a good match with the levinson 383 integrated amp. i have the levinson 33h and 32 with the parsifal encore and xlo cables from pre to power, pre to dac, dac to transport. a very good match imho.
I have been very happy with the Belles 21A Auricap and Refernce 150A power amp combo, $6000 for the pair. It also allows a bit of an upgrade by later adding another 150A and setting them up mono. Look up the reviews. I have heard the fidelio and another good one would be VTL 5.5 and their tubed 150 power amp.
My amplifier set up is approximately the same price used, maybe a bit less. It's a Joule LA 150 (I have the phono section too) and Cary Sixpacs. The combination is extremely satisfying with a fullbodied and as well as detailed and organic sound. Something to think about .......
Thanks everyone for your inputs