Help w/Integrated Amp for JBL L112 Speakers

I have a pair of JBL L112 bookshelf speakers (fantastic condition) that I want to set up in my new office (carpeted; 13'x15'; 9' ceiling).

I plan to listen to rock/pop/jazz via CDs and iPod/MP3's - not necessarily loud; quality is more important. Don't require a tuner. Looking for a decent Integrated Amp in the $400-$500 range. Not replacing anything; this is a new setup.

I'm finding many new and used options: Rotel RA-05SE, Cambridge Azur 550A, Nakamichi TA-4A, NAD C316BEE, NAD C326BEE, and others. In many cases, I can't bring home the Amp to try it out first. I'm looking for your expert opinion on the best Int Amp for these speakers.... thoughts? (getting rid of the JBLs and spending more money aren't options).

Thanks for your help!
I had L112's for about 20 years. I liked them best with a Classe DR5 pre and DR8 amp. If you could find a Classe integrated that would be a good match. Out of the group you listed, I would think the NAD C326BEE would be the best choice.
Eventually, the woofer foam surrounds rotted away on my L112's and I had them replaced with a rubber surround. They never did sound quite the same so I sold them. They didn't image all that well but they could really jam out. I can see why you would still like them. Good luck with the amp search.
Look for McIntosh Ma 6200 or Ma 6100........
If you have to replace the foams on a 12" JBL driver, best to have it done by an "authorized JBL service center". Not all replacement 'foam' products will work correctly so that the woofer maintains the original design "q". The 'rubber' solution obviously changed the sound of the woofer entirely. I should think the Nak receiver would be acceptable, I would recommend a Rega Mira, can be had used in neighborhood of 650 or so. The L-166 Horizon, L-110, and L-112 were better and more refined than the L-100, and the L-112 was the best of the lot. enjoy.
Audio Refinement Complete is in that price range and will sound better than your options of integrated amps. A touch on the warmer side with enough guts to drive them well. I cannot speak about the Classe setup, but then that is a seaparate component kit.
Someone recommended going with a Rotel RX-1050 or 1052. What are your thoughts on that compared to the other units mentioned above? I understand it's a receiver but he seemed to think the 1050/1052 outperforms many int amps. Thanks.