Help Van de Hul MM-2 wiring question

Hello all,
Please Help!
I just acquired a Van den Hul MM-2 cartridge. I need help with the wiring please. Can someone please tell me which color leads go to which pins?
The pins are labeled as follows:
Top left - L Top right - O

Bottom left - R Bottom right - O

I apologize for my ignorance, but every other cartridge I've used had color coded bands on each pin.
Thanks for your help in advance!
Top Left is Left + which is WHITE

Top Right is Left - which is BLUE

Bottom Left is Right + which is RED

Bottom Right is Right - which is GREEN

The "O" is the symbol that Van den Hul uses for "negative" or "ground".
Thank you so much. There isn't much info on this cartridge out there . You saved me a lot of time!