Help: Re tubing Jolida JD 1000

I recently got a new Jolida JD 1000. Now, I need to re tube it. Does anyone out there have experience re tubing this amp? Which tubes work the best?: Svetlana, Golden Dragon etc:
I have not re tubed the Jolida, but if you list the tubes that it uses, what came from the factory (the brand) and what you like and dislike about the sound, I will give you suggestions that may allow you to tailor the sound more to your liking. If you are just re tubing to replace bad or worn tubes, and you have no objections to your systems sound, the easy path is to replace with like type and brand as what it was provided with.
You may want to call JoLida and ask them what replacement tubes they recommend based upon your musical preference (I did this recently). They are very helpful and seem cooperative and willing to help. - RL
This amp is WAAAAYYY too new for you to "need to retube it". I presume you did not leave it on 24/7. You should REALLY look into that. If nothing else, the Chinese tubes last a LONG time in a Jolida. This is the first JD1000 that I have heard of needing a retube(have yet to retube any). If you are retubing for better sound, I can understand it. OK, on to the retube... First, STAY AWAY FROM THE STOCK CHINESE TUBES!!! The smaller tubes may be replaced with ANY European tube. All will be significant in improving on the detail, openess, and quietness of your amp. I have found to get good sound from Ei. There are only two output tubes I recommend. The Svetlana EL34 and the JJ(formerly Tesla/Teslovak) E34L. The Svetlana are warmer and more subtle. Very classic tube. The JJ are more open, dynamic, and extended(at both frequency extremes). Will also offer you a bit more power, but that's not really an issue with this amp, with its 8 output tubes. I would say which one would depend on your tastes in sound and in the music you listen to. Either of these two output tubes will drastically improve the sound. EVERYTHING will open up. The amp will become MUCH faster, detailed, neutral, and extended(at both frequency extremes). It will seem like you just removed a blanket from your speakers. While you are at it, replace the power cord. Nothing extreme, spend $100 to $200 for a used one here on Audiogon. Go for a large guage cord. Bass response, focus, detail, and blackness will all be helped. Good Luck!
Thanks for the response Al. I think the factory tubes are Chinese, they are unmarked. What I would like to achieve after re-tubing is greater dramatics, if possible. The mid?s appear to be muddy and lack punch. The bottom end is at present is fine by me but to my ears the middle section needs the most improvement.

Present tubes are:

4 matched pairs of 6CA7/EL34
1 matched pair of 12AX7
1 matched pair of 12AT7

Thanks everyone your responses are greatly appreciated.