help on balanced control.

Hi AuGoNers,
i am having problem with balanced when i used my turntable.seem like the right side is dominating the left side.first i test it with my CD player and everything seem fine,only happen when i used the turn table..can some oe give me some advice where to check or how to solve this problem?..i am using the sumikorm4 with BatVK-3i&VK60.i dont think my Bat pre-amp have a balance control.thanks
update.. after testing a few more right speaker is definitely louder then the left.. i guess it not just TT but CD
Try cleaning your volume control pots. Sometimes dust can get in there and cause problems like that. Also, switch your Interconnect connections at the preamp from right channel to left channel, and see if the symptom changes sides. If it does, it is in the preamp. If it does not, it is in the amp. It could be a tube going weak or a bad connection somewhere too.
after switching around the IC like TWL advice.i found out there is something wrong with the amp.i just notice that there s 4 green lights(2 on each board) on the boards beneath the tube .only 1 of the green light on the left board is light up.i guess this is why the right side is louder then the left..does this mean there s something wrong with the board or tubes? all the tubes lights are on.if it is the tube,is it the big power tube or little one?.any one out there with the BAT vk-60 can tell me what are these lights for? thanks
Hey, it is very likly not the boards, but a tube or a fuse. Turn the amp sideways, and look underneath the tube/light that is out. There is a fuse holder under each output (large)tube. Change the fuse. If you don't have a extra, go to radioshack and get the same size. They are about $2 per pack of 4. Power it back up. If it works, your done! If it doesn't, it's a good chance its a bad tube. If it works for awhile then goes out again...a tube going bad.

I had the same issue with my vk60. for me it was just a fuse.