Help Need Focal 5N411L woofers and specs 5N411

Been looking for a pair of Focal 5N411L woofers for my chario Academy 1 monitors. Ive been looking everywhere Orca, JM Labs, Canada, Netherlands Italy even emailed Focal France but no return. I did find a pair of 5N411. But I cant find the specs anywhere to compare these drivers side by side. Does anyone no what the L stands for. Audiophiles thanks in advance for any help.
I assume you've contacted partsexpress, madisound, etc. If you haven't also give a go. All you need to find, after all, is s/one with an old Focal catalogue...

The new series are 4211/4311 midrange/woofs with an Fs ~50-60Hz. -- but as you said: specs comparison???
Good luck!
Hey VOX,
I have a Driver spec./Technical data cataloge from Focal that has the 5N411L Bass-Midrange in it. I think I may have another piece of lit. at home somewhere with the 5N411?

If you want the specs for the 5N411L I'll email you everything that's on the page or try to scan it and email it. I'll look tonight for the other info regarding the 5N411.

You could try Elliot at with the question as to what the "L" means or Kimon Belles at - I haven't dealt with him in a while but he was always kind with info and responses.

i phoned focal last month since i was looking for the same information. Here is what they gave me (i would have expected more but the guy was in a hurry) :

5N411 :
Fs : 46.52
Vas : 17.36
Qts : 0.296
Qes : 0.34
Qms : 2.27
Sd : 86.59
Re : 6.7
Mms : 7.1
SPL : 88.95

That's all i have. If you manage to get the frequency response of the drive, i would be very interested in having it.


In my opinion, 5n411 L, means "magnetic shielded"

Hi Vox

Where did you find that pair of 5N411L. I have tree of the 5N411l from a pair JM Lab Profil 5. I got them for free because one of the four speakers didn’t work, and now i am looking for a single 5N411L?

Simon Siebenthal / Denmark
The "l" in 5N411L means "longer voice coil". The Bl & efficiency went down, the Qts goes up a tad, and the Xmax increases, as well as the moving mass. Fs may drop a bit as I remember.