Help me selecting a projector for my HT

The budget is $5500 and I need a DLP/LCD projector (and screen soon afterwards) new/used to show on a 100-120" screen size. It will be used primarily for movies with DVD's as the source. From what it looks like to me, a used/demo DLP from Sony/Runco seems to be the best way to go. What should I do?
YOu might STRONLY CONSIDER flying over to Vegas for the CES show next month(9th,10th,11th,12th) and seeing all the options you might not be considering!?!
I've been extremely impressed with the Runco DLP's that I've seen myself personally. I've seen a lot of what other brands are doing in DLP, and really think Runco has the market on 'em! All the way up the price scale, you really won't go wrong with their DLP's I think. I have seen the $12K(cheaper to be had) Marantz and $10k Sharp 9000, and they both look impressive. But, I still think the Runco's are to hard to beat at their price points!
IF you don't mind a DLP with "non-16x9" chip, you can get a BRAND NEW Runco that retails for around $5k(think it's like CL-500) or something), that's absolutely stellar looking!!!
If you set the screen up right, you'll never even notice the 4x3's a consideration.
Of course, you could go used and save a bunch at any price level.
Still, I think making a trip to Las Vegas next month might be the best bet for you, so you can gather all your thoughts on the matter. Good luck
Visit the website . Thats where all the Video Pros hang out. Just like you get the best info here at A'gon for your music audio, AV Science has the best info on projectors and all Video/HT. It's a very good site. You will find the answers to any question you can think of. You can post your questions or just look for your answers, they will already have been addressed. Go find your projector and come on back and let us know what are the smart buys today.
Thanks guys, excellent advise. Keep 'em coming!!
I have the Sanyo PLV60HT, 106" Dalite screen (0.8 gain) and ceiling mount--all together was $5000. The Sanyo 60 has since been replaced by the Sanyo 70. The Sanyo 60 can now be had for $3100, and the 70 for $5400. they are 16:9 native panel LCD. I have nothing but praise for the picture quality and reliability of my projector.
Have anyone of you seen the HT1000 NEC unit? The Sanyo sounds interesting, what else did you look at?
Well, at the time my choices were limited. My primary criteria was a native 16:9 projector, which ruled out all the CRTs. My choices at the time were the Sony 11 and Sanyo 60. The sharp 9000 hit the market just after I purchased.