Help me put a system together for my son

One day out of no where my (future) daughter in law say's my son is collecting albums. I had no idea he had any interest in audio, let alone vinyl (must have been paying attention to my hobby after all!) . They are in the process of buying a condo where his system will be used. He mentioned that bass was not important to him and that he was more interested in good midrange system. So far I picked up a (new) Rega RP1 TT that came complete with tone-arm & Ortofon cartridge. I am in the process of acquiring a used pair of Magnapan MMG. Keeping a low budget cost in mind, what amp/ pre amp or integrated would you think would work with what I have so far. And, he will need a phono pre as well. He has no interest in any other source at this time, just a vinyl set up.
In my experience the MMG's are pretty light in the bass as compared to the more full-bodied but older SMGa's. The MG12's are pretty good too (more bass than the MMG's) but will cost more. You might well want to consider a pair of the Tekton Design M-Lores for around $600 if you can swing it as they are efficient and can be powered by almost any amplifier (unlike the Maggies).

If you go with the Tektons you could get a used Adcom 3020 integrated or perhaps one of their separate preamps feeding a sweet little EL34 tube amp (maybe Jolida, etc.).

Anyway, these are just some very good alternatives to ponder.

Good luck to you. BTW, I checked out your system and you have some pretty nice gear. :-)
Rega Brio integrated has nice MM phono built into unit. It's a steal. Buy it.
Thanks for your comments. I am locked into the Maggie MMG's as I made the deal already and am picking them up soon. As I mentioned, my son is not big on bass so hopefully these will work out for him.

I just researched the Rega Brio. Sounds like a lot of bang for the buck integrated. Do you think it will drive the Maggies?

I should also mention that buying used is OK too.
I'm not a big fan of Magnepan speakers but I have owned the 1.6's. One of the amps I tried was a Cambridge Audio integrated (640v2). It did a very decent job of powering the 1.6's in the living room of a nice size condo at medium listening volumes. (Approx. 15x25). An entry level unit from them should be more than enough for a pair of MMG's. Cambridge also makes a very nice, low cost phono preamp to match. Lindisfarne mentions the Rega. I don't think you can go wrong with that one either. I would just make sure that it can make enough power to drive the speakers.
The Brio is a very nice 49w int. amp which does have a good phono pre-amp built in, which used would be under $400. But no headphone jack. I personally have not tried but I would take a good look at the Marantz 6004. The NAD 326BEEE comes to mind as well. Not sure if around 50w is enough power to drive the maggies. I suppose if they are not pushed too hard, they would be alright. If one were to go used, the choices are quite extensive. A powerful older amp matched w/a good pre-amp. Bulky and take w/more space but probably better able to drive the spks. Good Luck!
I would rec the NAD int amp too. Get one used if possible.
Look for a used Quad 909 ($1695) for around $700 to drive the Maggies. 140 w/ch and a bit of boost in the bass as they were made for planers. Pair with $500 used PS audio GCPH phono preamp with volume control($1000). You're good to go. Add a tube preamp when he adds another source component. Alternately, Belles 150 amp. If this is too much $, go with a used B&K 140 amp, about $250, but stick with the GCPH.
I love Maggies to death, but very(room, room and more room to come alive) problematic. Since it is fete acomplais (as far as the speakers go) and he is in an apartment, I would go with the most SS (go integrated) you can get for the buck.
YBA Passion integrated or YBA integre. Very hard to find used, because there is very little reason to ever sell one. I owned both and moved to tubes to have it all. YBA makes the sweetest ss I have ever heard. Hi current. Your Maggies will love the Passion.
I agree with Warrenh on the YBA. That should be a very good match for the MMG. Like he says, though, you probably won't find one unless you get lucky.
Friends don't let friends buy NAD.
Thanks for the suggestions.
I have a neighbor just bring over his Forte model 3 amp for me to try out with
the Maggies. I didn't know he was interested in selling it. Anyway, will try to
hook it up later and give it a listen. Any feedback from anyone about this amp?
It's rated at 200 wpc @ 8 ohms and 400 wpc into 4 ohms. Also, should I decide
to buy it from him, what is a fair price to pay? I know he has had it for about 17
years. Would it require re capping at this point?
That amp should be more than enough for the speakers you are going to use. Fotre was designed by Pass as a more affordable alternative to some of his higher priced equipment. I have no idea as to what its worth or if it needs to be recapped. I would just listen to it first and see if you like it. I'm sure someone here will know what its worth if you decide to buy it.