Help me choosing turntable


I am trying to get budget turntable with phono stage. Currently my turntable choices are NAD 533, Music hall mmf 2.1, and Pro-Ject 1.2 and phono stage choices are NAD pp-2 and parasound(I forgot the name). Any recommendation about the combination of above.

Please help me.

Have you considered a Rega TT?
I would probably look for a nice used Linn LP-12.
Stock Technics Sl-1200MKII. Unbeatable for the money and can be upgraded w/ mods from KAB Electroacoustics as funds allow.
Save your money- Get an old Dual , Rek-o-kut or a Thorens
Have one more question. Are pro-ject1.2 and music hall mmf 2.1 same? Cause some dealer said that those are same
And If I can find rega p2, then I will go with that. But I can't find it anywhere.

And cause I am a full time student, I can't get enough budget^^ That is why all my choise was limited under $500.

Anyway thank you for your comments
Hate to say it, but in your price range I'd agree with Psychic. For the money , I think it's better than any of the others.
I suggest you look for a Well Tempered TT - latest version with round motor. This might be a little more than you planned to spend, but it is worth it. I laugh when I see these on Audiogon being offered for $1K or even less. Just because there are prettier tables with thick platters, people want to sell these units which are among the most musical and accurate tables ever made. If you don't believe it, Absolute Sound still has the Reference Model which is only marginally better than the Classic, on their recommended list.
Hate to say it, but I agree with Jphii!
Thanks for the all responses. And based on a lot of review. I decided go with NAD 533. And I ordered it.
Following reviewers' opinions can be a costly mistake...
Hey. I got turntable and I did set up. And I really suprised about that unit(Maybe because this is my first hifi table)
But for me, even with factory installed goldring elektra, it was better than tiny, shinny Cds.

Thanks for many suggestions and happy listening.