Help me Choose Integrated

Well like most people I dont have dealers to listen to all of this gear and A/B it. I would really appreciate some insight on this topic.

the choices:

Belles 250i

Rogue Tempest

Unison Unico ( w/ lvl 2 mods)

Pathos Classic One

I like all types of music.
I had a CARY SLi-80 in my hands... and loved everything but the bass.

I like smooth/liquid sounding high's that are still accruate and MID's that have lots of warmth and presence.
The SS bass impact is what was lacking from the CARY. I want the bass to be tight and I want to feel and hear the impact.

The speakers : Triangle NAIA
CDP: Ah! 4k w/ amprex or mullard
Interconnects: Grover Silver Ref.

Please help out..... this has been one hell of a task!
From what you describe you want in sonics with your associated equipment - you can't go wrong with the Unico. I owned one for quite some time (no Underwood mods - just NOS Mullard tubes) and it easily bested many out there. It will give you the smooth/liquid highs accurately and mids that have the warmth from the tube input. You can actually "fine tune" the amount of warmth, extension, etc. depending on what input tubes you use. If and most likely when I put together a second system that will be my integrated of choice. It is an incredible unit, and for the price I wouldn't look back.

Good luck on your search.
the Unico and Pathos are the current Front Runners. Has anyone a/b ed the two? If so, what are your thoughts?
Within the next couple of months, Jeff Rowland should release a sweet one that uses its latest amplification technology that you find the their amazing 201s and 302s amplifiers. It should be around $4k - don't hold me that price. For details, send them an email.
I take that back their new preamp, the Concerto, will cost $4k. I don't know about the new integrated.