Help me Choose rega P5 or Michell Gyro SE

Hello Folks,

I have Rega gear and would like to choose from the above mentioned Turntables.

I have listen both (at different places with different gear) and liked both! Next I plan to bring them to my place and listen both during a weekend, comparing A/B...

Please give me your comments about this tables.

I love the Gyro looks, but I am a practical guy and not very on the tweak side, so I tend to prefer the practical stuff. Will the Gyro need constant adjustments, or is a "setup and forget" case?

The gyro is 1,7 factor costier that the rega. Does it's superior build and sonic(?) value justify the price gap?
will it work well with Rega amplification (Cursa/Maia) and loudspeakers (Naos)?

What about recomendations for the cell and phono pair?

Thanx to all to your comments and hope to report soon about my choice!
There's a review on the web of one of the audio gurus reviewing an entire Rega "system" from P-5 to Speakers. He liked it.

I love my P5. I'm not into tweaking, so it's a set it and forget it (with the Exact II Rega cartridge). I like that; I'm into the music rather than the hardware.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to email. Regards,
I've owned both and I still have the Michell. Hands down the Rega isn't in the same league. I run the Tecno arm and a VDH Frog with excellent results. I admit, the Gyro is stunning to look at! It's performance is even better than it looks ............
have you considered the REGA P9?I compared it to the Michell and thought it was much better.I have it setup with the cary ph302 phono stage and benz-micro ruby 3 cartridge.
Rega P9 is too expensive for me...but lovely!